Son- Day Challenge 4

Two consecutive weekends off means, its time for family fun and relaxation. Amidst the fun and relaxation also comes a pile of to-do things saying hello to you. I am usually a person that functions like the hands of time however off late I have come to realize that when the clock is too overworked, it is eventually going to be difficult for the clock to function well. Hence, I have started to prioritize things and tasks that need to be done on a given day. So, this mommy is ok if the laundry is not done on a certain day or if she has to call for food on a certain day. The best part about all of this that Daddy too is OK with the choices Mommy makes. In fact Daddy has always been ok with the choices Mommy makes; it was time mommy slowed down a little.So, while we took over the fourth challenge by Ariel India of folding clothes, Daddy and Son-Ny boy decided to take pictures and helped Mommy look presentable even though she was sleepy.This SON-day, little man was too excited to help around the house and make Mommy feel special because it was Mommy’s special day today. He helped mommy make tea by helping to stir in the sugar. Then he helped put the dishes out in the sink and even washed a few of them. Thanks to this campaign by Ariel India, he is beginning to understand what #sharetheload means!!




The funny part is he even fought with me over who fill fold how many clothes, so he gave me my share of clothes and told me that he will fold more clothes. I managed to fold 5 clothes in about 30 seconds and so did my desr son-ny boy.The best part about this entire campaign was that Daddy and little boy have taken over the responsibility of drying out the clothes and folding them every night since the last few days and boy, is Mommy happy, she sure is!!Whether you are a working mom or not, it always helps when you have someone to #sharetheload. Moms and women in general, whether in office or home, are always working and are expected to manage the house too once they are home. It’s amazing to see how certain millennial parents are complimenting each other so well.It is time everyone took the pledge, like we did.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

It was amazing how each of us was busy completing our chores. It indeed was fun because we saved more time for our trip to the swimming pool.

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