When the little man decides to help!!

I often find it weird that people compare girls to boys and men to women. There is no comparison actually because god built us differently. The almighty for sure had something in mind when he built people with different sexes. OK! So I am not going in depth with the reasons why we are built differently but the topic of discussion still remains, are we equal or are we one above the other?

Our societal views and mindsets are often inclined towards the housework being handled by a woman and the outdoor work being handled by a man. I would like to know that if the mindset is such then why is a woman expected to go out and buy groceries, why is a woman the one to take the kids to the doctor, take them to school, why is the woman still going out and doing these chores, let the men do them and let women only take care of the house.

The patriarchal society somehow will classify the roles even further then, wouldn’t they? This world is no more about whose job is it, it is more about getting the job done and getting it right.

From raising kids, to adopting kids, to household chores to even being CEO or an entrepreneur, both the genders are trying to nail it!! The challenge now lies in inculcating the same thought process in our children. Despite our modern thought processes, our children still tend to unknowingly associate roles with both the genders differently.

Being a mom has its own moments of trials and tribulations but the moment of pride occurs when your child willingly wants to participate in your daily chores. With the onset of Ramadan, it is not easy to get yourself to do the household chores and especially when you better half is travelling!

My little man senses my discomfort and offered to help me with the house chores. He loves being in the water and loves his football even more, hence we decided to wash our football jerseys. I slowly and carefully helped him do his own set of laundry, got him to add the detergent, choose the buttons on the machine and then we eventually also put the laundry to dry. We even had a competition to see who put the clothes first on the clothes rack.

Surprisingly by the end of it, my little man said, “ Mumma doing laundry was fun, I wonder why all of my friends don’t do it” ? I promised him that I will write about it so that people read it and begin to take initiative of #sharingtheload and #sharingtheresponsibilities.

Only if the men of the household would come forward to share responsibilities, families would be happier, would have more time to spend on things better than household chores. In case you haven’t watched it yet, you should watch this amazing video that has been created by ariel and I couldn’t thank them enough for being vocal and being considerate.

I am sure after watching this video you would be willing to take the pledge too.

“I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda”

The pledge can be taken by anyone but the “asli maza” lies in doing what you said because anyone can preach but practicing what you preach take effort!!

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