10 and more tips for weight loss.

Weight has been my favorite topic to discuss about myself. I can give you a few ways on how to loose weight and stay fit and I can even give you more ways on how you can gain weight.

We often practice various exercise forms to keep ourselves fit and to loose the slightest of weight that finds it way back in our body.Did you however know that what food you put into your body is more important than all the exercises and diets you want to do.

You also need to understand that the mechanism of our body works differently for everyone. However,  I have always experienced that smaller portions of good food in regular intervals always help boost the metabolism, hence speeding up the weight loss process.

Here are few foods that are of dietary benefit and compliment weight-loss.

  1. Cabbage – They are rich in Vitamin C and work as antioxidants too. A quick stir fry with veggies, adding them to salads and pasta can be a good way to consuming them and  adding to your weight-loss meals.
  2. Grapefruits – They are an extremely rich source of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid.They help fight various diseases and are good for the heart too.
  3. Lettuce: With every pound consisting of around 60-70 calories, this vegetable tops the list of everybody who is trying to lose weight. They are extremely rich in vitamin B and manganese, and help in regulating the blood sugar as well as maintaining proper immune system.
  4. Radishes – I am not a huge fan of radish however I love the paranthas made out of radish and one must not discard the leafy top while cooking it. You can also substitute these vegetables for potato while making vegetable curry or pav bhaji as there are many varieties of this goodness available in the market.
  5. Spinach: The benefits of this vegetable have been well established and for quite the right reasons. They are packed with vitamin K and help in fighting the onset of various eye diseases and degeneration of muscles. They can be prepared as different dishes and served as a great constituent in salads or as fillings in omelettes.
  6. Egg Whites–  The benefits of eggs have been disputable for the longest time however now with newer studies, they have been accepted as a great source of protein. You can consume them with some herbs sprinkled, grate boiled eggs and add to salad or sandwiches.
  7. Oats: Changing the morning meal is the first action you should take. Oatmeal can bring down the LDL level to a staggering 5.3 percent in a matter of 6 weeks. It contains beta-glucan, which is capable of absorbing the LDL present in the blood.LDL is nothing but the bad cholesterol present in food. Also oats are known to keep you full for long and reducing hunger pangs.
  8. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables –  It is always best to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables as they supplement your body with the required nutrients for a particular season.
  9. Nuts –  Now consuming this is a tricky one.You should just consume a handful of these for the required protein or else excess consumption will lead to weight gain.You can also consume flax seeds, sunflower seeds as compared to cashews.
  10. Get yourself tested –  Sometimes the weight gain is due to a medical deficiency and hence you need to get yourself tested to tap and cure the real problem.

Weight gain can occur due to stress, lack of sleep, change in lifestyle and food habits. You need to address each individually. The weight loss has to be a healthy transformation, any kind of crash diets will only impact your body in the long run. It is best to consult a nutritionist who can help make a diet plan for you.

You also need to avoid consumption of packaged foods completely. Foods with longer shelf life will do more harm than good. If your packaged food says no sugar but has glucose, sucrose etc, added to it, then they are all forms of sugar.

Substitute sugar with jaggery, it helps aid digestion and lesser calories go to your body.Also include 2 fruits in your diet everyday.

Choose an exercise form that suits your body. Every form of exercise will suit a person differently.

The transformation process is slow, it will always be however you need to start the journey and be consistent.

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