Amazing benefits of Watermelon

Winter is and will always be my favorite season. Nothing can beat the freshness of winter. There are however a few things I like about the Indian summer, two major ones being the arrival of, mangoes and watermelon.

Watermelon is anyways now available throughout the year however there is something different about it being available in summers. A big slice of water melon eaten with hands, with a little juice dripping down the corners of your mouth, ah!! heavenly indeed.

The watermelon is quite like us humans you see. They see the more the white patches on the watermelon, means its stayed in the ground longer and is ought to be sweeter. It talks about how we as humans too become better people if we have stayed put on the ground longer. We also tend to have sweet lessons from our experiences and we grow to be better humans.

Wonder why I am raving and ranting about this common fruit? This common fruit is known to have multiple health benefits besides just being extremely tasty and quenching your thirst.

Hydration – It’s a great fruit to keep you hydrated and can be consumed as meal itself. Add it to salads or just eat it the way it is, you are sure to stay full for long.It afterall, is 92% water.

Great for Babies –  Yes, its known to have a little cool effect however it’s a great fruit to introduce to your babies. Give them a slightly cool piece of watermelon when they are teething or turn it into a juice while you travel, the baby is going to love it for sure.

Great for weight loss – Did you know that a cup of watermelon contains only 46 calories. I wonder why the t.v stars don’t endorse watermelon.It also keeps the water content intact in your body.

A bag full of goodies –  Yes, its almost like a bag full of goodies. It contains, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and many plant compounds.Did you also know that your body needs a daily dose of vitamin C to help you absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods. So what better than a big slice of watermelon to help you do so.Watermelon is also high in carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lycopene. Plus, it has citrulline, an important amino acid.

May improve heart health –  Well I am not saying that eating watermelon will keep you away from heart risks however several nutrients in watermelon have specific benefits for heart health.It also helps reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness.

Is great for your skin and hair – It’s almost like having your cake and eating it too. Eat watermelon not just for good health but also for good hair and skin. You can even apply some watermelon to your hair and skin to see increased benefits.Look at some of these easy DIY masks for skin and hair that use watermelon watermelon masks

Helps in digestion –  Due to its high water content and a small amount of fiber content, it can help aid digestion.Fiber can provide bulk for your stool, while water helps keep your digestive tract moving efficiently. Besides having a good diet, here are a few tried and tested yoga poses to help improve your video

Watermelon is a surprisingly healthy fruit. It has a high water content and also delivers many other important nutrients, including lycopene and vitamin C.These nutrients mean that watermelon isn’t only a tasty low-calorie treat — it’s also very good for your health.

So go out there and get yourself a nice juicy watermelon. The results will not show overnight hence you need consistency with any routine you follow.

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