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It’s wonderful to see how technology has continuously evolved over time. The fantastic part about technology is that it has given you multiple opportunities to capitalize on. I remember as a growing up teenager my career options were limited. However, now when I look at the diverse options in any given field, I am amazed. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness that the future generations have ample opportunities to choose from their field of interest!!

As a writer, one is always striving to provide you with content that interests its readers. We are always trying to upscale our content to match the reader’s interest. With the Digi-age taking over, your content has to be supported with good images, stories etc. Well then, the question arises, can anyone with a good sense of the social media and a decent command over their language be a writer?

The answer to that is a partial yes, the remaining yes depends on how willing are you to educate yourself of existing requirements of the market. You also need to narrow down on what field of writing do you want to move towards. As a beginner, there are three major streams of writing that need to be classified: Copy writing, Content Writing, Blogging.


You need to first of all understand the purpose behind writing something. Your purpose for writing something defines your future course of action.

Copy Writing means writing for the sake of promotional advertising or marketing. It’s different from marketing or promoting a product. Copy Writing helps define the value of a product or a service. It has a bigger task to perform which is of selling the worth of a brand, its products and its services. For e.g. A tagline of a product or service is what copy writing involves. The main aim of copy writing is to sell an idea. Through Copy Writing you should intend to give an experience to your audience and potential customers.

Content Writing can be a part of Copy Writing as it involves writing of content in a creative and attractive manner. The purpose of content writing is to keep your audience engaged with the content you create or provide. Through content writing, one helps the brand engage with its audience.

Content writing lets you provide content for marketing purposes through blogs, articles, press releases etc. Through content writing you can highlight business objectives, services, goals, agenda etc, in detail. It also helps you give multiple options to your audience.

Overall, Copy Writing and Content Writing go hand in hand.

Blogging is a more relaxed style of writing where you are not restricted to a particular content. You can definitely shortlist your niche and blog in that niche all together. Blogging allows you to add your personal opinion and experiences too. As a blogger too, you need to create content that is compelling and useful for your readers.


There are various sub writing roles available under the hat of copy writing or content writing. All these writing opportunities even present you with the role of freelancing. Whatever you decide to choose, you need to keep in mind that whatever you write needs to serve the purpose of why it’s being written. It should reach the audience it is being written for.

Hope this article, helps you streamline your thoughts around copy writing, content writing and blogging!!

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