I cannot teach you to be a parent!

I read a lot about gentle parenting, respectful parenting, equal parenting and a lot of ways of parenting.Parenting has evolved with time and I believe it had to!! We all need to keep up with changing times and bring about modifications in our approach towards life.

As parents we always want the best for our children.Often we replicate the behaviour of our parents and seldom we carve a new path altogether.

What is really the right way of parenting? I can’t tell you that! Yes, even after being a parent, I cannot tell you, how to or how not to, be a parent.

There is this book that has been written by the prime minister of India and I happened to read a few pages from it.I chanced upon this book at my prediatriciana clinic.

This is one of the pages’ from the book,

This made me wonder over a few things we time and again expect our children to do

  • We expect them to behave in a certain way sometimes without really controlling our own behaviour.
  • We, expect them to excel at things we believe are best for them.
  • Self play is a good thing for toddlers, however if we want our children to learn through play, we need to be a part of the play.
  • If we want our children to share responsibilities, we need to involve them from a young age, remember, pratice what you preach!!
  • Children always learn through observing, they are often auditory and visual learners.So always watch what you do.Likr they say, as you sow,so shall you reap.

You can read plenty books and articles on parenting, gender parentinf but until you do not feel responsible for the human you are creating and developing, you will always be at loggerheads with your children.

As a parent there are few emotions you need to experience and live in their purest form, they are, Love,Faith and Trust!!

It’s a beautiful journey that has to be enjoyed in the same way you want to be treated or wanted to be treated as a child.

A mix of love, discipline, faith,learnings, happiness and much more!! ❀❀

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