Spilled the Tea

I spilled tea today,not that I have never spilled anything but it’s just that I am usually careful in handling things.

I take great pride in being able to multi-task, in being able to function sometimes as per clock!!

I’ll tell you more about how I spilled tea.Mornings are usually occupied with breakfast rituals and getting Z boy ready for school.

I had his breakfast,his lunch box,tea for hubby n me,all ready.I decided to pile up everything in one plate and I must say I did a pretty good job.

I neatly arranged the breakfast,the tea cups, the lunch box and an apple all in one plate.I was even able to walk with it and then the tea just spilled.!!

I know my plate was full,I then kept aside the lunch box and the apple and this time tea didn’t spill.I came back to place the lunch box in his bag and everything was taken care off!

Isn’t this incident similar to few things we do in life?

We often fill up our plates with more than we can balance and sometimes it just falls apart!

We are so accustomed to being able to multi task, sometimes nerved by the judgement of other and seldom lazy to prioritise our tasks!!

The re- arranging of my plate didn’t take much time. IMAGINE if the tea had spilled all over the floor, I would be cleaning it rather than having my breakfast.This would in turn make me agitated and irritated too!

Again similar to how sometime things take a different turn all together and we wish we had planned/organsied better!

We all are often striving to accomplish our set goals.Along this journey we even take on some new ones,so its always important to check if our plate is too full!!

Life is pretty unpredictable I say often so its always good if the nicer things are more on the weighing scale of life!!

You may not always be able to balance it but don’t overfill it too,else you’ll spill the tea too!

My lesson for the week is to not overfill my plate,spilling is ok though because we all are allowed to goof up!

What’s your lesson for the week,comment in the section below.

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