I want to visit Greece!!

I often refer myself as a wanderer. A wanderer of want kind? Well, I haven’t figured that out yet but a travelling wanderer was something I could call myself when I did three consecutive years of international travel. Same month, same duration every year and I covered most part of South East Asia.

Travelling is enthralling, completely wonderful for your soul. It pushes you out of your complacent zone and teaches you to adapt to changing weathers, people and living conditions.

People, food and locale are the primary reasons why one travels!! I have always felt; your smile and food connect people. It’s something you cherish incessantly!

I have one such destination on my bucket list that I want to explore. It is referred too, as the cradle of western civilization. A country known for its beaches and islands. For a beach bum like me, it’s a perfect place to travel too!!

A country that’s known for its coastline, the architecture, the beautiful sunsets and a place whose reference is often used to describe the looks of men!! Yes, Greece it is.

SO, while I was trying to do my research and plan my travel to Greece, I got to know of the various places you could visit while you travel there. Here are the top four places I’d like to explore –

  1. Santorini – Imagine an island that still exists after being devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th Century B.C. Its beauty lies in the whitewashed cubiformed houses and the black, red and white lava pebbles that form the beaches!! The best time to visit is May – Sep. It has amazing seafood, archaeological museums, wine and view of some beautiful sunsets to offer.


  1. Athens – If you want to witness the madness, fun and love of the nightlife, this capital of Greece is your place to visit. It has breath taking architecture to see, the cafes, the boutiques, the beautiful houses and what not!! Living in a city where we are constantly struggling with traffic, this place is definitely where I want to be to experience the pleasure of walking and absorb the beauty around me.


  1. Dodecanese – Sounds exotic doesn’t it. I had never heard of it, until I decided to look for it. They said it truly, “seek and you shall find”. A place that is group of Greek islands and its known for its beaches, medieval castles and churches. This place also has water sports to offer for an adventure freak like me!! This place is also considered a place for Christian pilgrimage by some believers.


  1. Milos– An island that is famous for the statue of Aphrodite and statues of various Greek gods. It’s a popular destination of tourism during summer. It has activities such as sailing to offer. You can have a look at the mines and the beaches that have a colorful shoreline to please your eyes!!


Imagine lying down in colorful sands, wading through clear waters and walking around beautiful architecture. A trip that will entice all your senses. A trip I’m hoping I will make some day.

A few things that I would consider before travelling is to check on the

  • Weather – best season to travel
  • The distance it would take you to travel from your city of residence.
  • Things you want to do while you are there!
  • What kind of place would you like to explore, beaches or monuments?
  • Look for connecting cities that help you explore your things to do in minimal time.

As a parent, I would also look for kid friendly travel destinations and the food each city has to offer. I would even check websites like  Trip Advisor that give you great advice on your travel destination. I usually book tickets through Makemytrip.com or Yatra.com that offer great deals on ticketing.

So, get going, start planning. I’ll keep you posted on my travel plans through this blog. A quick video guide for visiting Greece is here Top Places To Visit Greece

“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle.

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