How not to Procrastinate?

We all love to procrastinate, don’t we?  We have been hit by the procrastination bug at some point or the other .We all have suffered by the hits of procrastination but how do we avoid not to procrastinate? We all have certain tasks and duties that need attention. Some are more important than the others, then how can we be better at time management and accomplish the goals we set for a given day.

Why worry when Mamma Bear is here to share her tips with you. The key lies in maintaining “CONSISTENCY” and “DETERMINATION”.

  • Plan and Prioritize –  You need to make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished. This list has to be written down and posted at multiple places in your home and work space. Mental lists just partner with the procrastination bug. Prioritize the list based on what needs to be done first.
  • The ‘not so important things” –  Your list is bound to have small things that aren’t important, I’d suggest, finish these ones first. A simple thing like pampering your self may take backseat due to bigger things like clearing off bills. Make yourself happy and alert to be able to remember things.
  • Go digital –  We live in an era that’s been taken over by digitization and its important that you reap its benefits. Use reminders on the phone, on the computer etc to remind you of tasks. You the digital benefits of e-banking to help you schedule and pay off your bills. Make some standard auto-replies to be sent to generic emails.
  • Tackle the forgetfulness – We all have burnt our hands once with the fire of forgetfulness, lets avoid it completely. Involve family,friends and medicine if you suffer medically. Let your closet ones be your human reminders of what to do. If your problem is medical, visit a doctor.
  • Remind yourself of your goal –  When it came to my fitness goal, I took a printout of my earlier fit self and I had it placed near my bed. It became the first thing I saw every morning. It motivated me to continue with my exercise routines. Make your goals visible to you.
  • Stay Positive – Negativism is the boss of all things bad. If you let negativity crawl into you. You would never be able to achieve anything. Remind yourself often and everyday to stay positive. Appreciate the sunshine and the rain. Both are equally important. Use traffic time to listen to music, catch up on calls with friends  etc.
  • Respect Time – It’s rightly said, “Time and Tide, wait for none”, Respect time and it will respect you back. Its OK to finish a task in 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes sometimes, but don’t waste time. Use your free time to relax and do productive things equally.

I am trying each day to keep procrastination at an arm’s length. I do fail every once in a while, but I am happy that I am giving it a tough fight!!

If you have a way of dealing with it, please leave your tips in the comments section. If there is something you need help with and need me to cover it for you.Leave a Comment.

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