Things to look out for before buying baby skincare products.

A mommy and a blogger is a great thing to be.Like spiderman says, “with great power comes great responsibility”.This responsibility also means spreading the knowledge you gather.

For all those who have followed me on instagramInsta Id and are a part of my friend list on Facebook will definitely know about the product launch I was part time.

Having switched a few brands for baby care I can definitely say I have done some research myself.

There are few things you need to keep in mind before you pick a product for your child.

Is it paraben free?

Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.So for all those brands that claim to be preservative free, they actually aren’t!! Parabens are also effective in certain formulas such as they don’t allow certain bacterias the chance to grow. There are companies who have found a way to replace them in their products.So go for a product that is paraben free!!

Is it sulfate free?

Sulfates are what makes lather in your shampoo.Usually products that produce more lather claim to be cost effective as it uses less product.More lather means more sulfate though!!So less sulfate is what you should opt for because its less harmful.

What about the fragrance?

We all love the smell of babies and personally I wouldn’t want anything to over power his smell. Loads of products out their claim to have a wonderful fragrance and promise to be calm and soothing. However, did you know that a strong fragrance could trigger of issues with your child’s adenoids and cause respiratory issues too.So always opt for something that has mild fragrance.

What about Phthalates?

Phthalates are mainly used as plasticizers, i.e., substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity.They are not allowed to be used more than 0.1% in quantity and if they are found to be more, such substances are banned completely.It’s absolutely mandatory for one to check the list of ingredients on a product,besides checking just the expiry date.

Mineral Oil

Mineral sounds natural, doesn’t it? However mineral oil is a cheap petroleum by-product used is many creams, moisturizers, hair products and oils. In baby products, you may find mineral oil in diaper creams, baby wipes, oils and lotions.So you have to check if its mineral oil or not. Mineral, natural sounding products may not always be natural.

Does it have added colors?

Some products use added colors for the fancy looking colors to attract kids and adults.However colors means artificially added chemicals.Baby skin is 5 times drier than adult skin and you definitely need a product that’s pure and dye free.Something that’s gentle and soothing to your babies’ skin.

Mommies know best,don’t they? Always trust your mommy friends. You will have mommy groups to refer , you have google and you have friends and family too. Do not let digitization take away your mommy instinct. So stay informed, be well read and don’t be confused.

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