Full of fear and astonished too.

Flabbergasted, staggered, astonished and all other emotions that describe surprise and anger!! Why the outburst of emotions?? Let me tell you about a small, a very tiny-miny incident that occurred today. I was at a sandwich stall getting a sandwich for myself when a guy walks up to the sandwich stall and asks for four sandwiches, which was very usual. It is what happened later left me questioning a lot of things. He said, he was from the police, I did see a police van standing right behind him. He ensured the guy attended to him first and he didn’t even pay for his order.

Once again, I felt as if nothing will ever change. We encourage our children to read the newspaper to stay updated on the latest happenings in and around the world. Today’s newspapers carry mostly news of rape and murder. The news paper is filled with news of felony of some kind or the other!!

A lot has been said, done and spoken about the recent rape cases in India. The hideous crime of Rape isn’t new, its been going on for centuries and I believe the rate at which punishments are decided, it will continue to happen.

I decided to google about the rape laws in India. I was surprised at how an act of rape is considered as rape, if it falls in the bucket of the seven odd conditions? How rape of the same sex isn’t defined as rape and how the act of penetration also gets considered when identifying rape.

The seventh condition in defining rape says, that a rape is a rape when the woman is unable to communicate her consent. Can someone define how a 4-month-old will be able to communicate her consent?

A rape has to be a rape under any given condition, why do they even have a checklist to follow?

Most of us have been in accidents where we have been hurt without being warned. Imagine the pain the person who is being raped undergoes. Imagine something being forcefully shoved in your body. The physical pain tends to heal with time but the mental trauma never heals. Some people have strong support system in terms of family and friends who help you fight the trauma.

The rape cases that we read about in newspapers and social media are only the ones that have been reported. What about the ones that aren’t reported and spoken about? What about the ones that have been committed by one family member to another? What about the ones that are kept under wraps to protect the so called, “social izzat” ?

I fail to even understand the reason why it’s being committed? How ghastly and sadistic can a person be to do so, to someone else? What pleasure does one derive in doing so to anyone, especially small children? I know such people have no mind, self-consciousness, a decent education or even a decent upbringing. Is this the new way to attain a few minutes of fame?

There are people out there who are arguing and debating over religion. They are talking in favor of their favorite government and its agendas. Instead of fighting for justice, instead of asking for reforms to be made to existing rape, molestation and sexual assault laws, people are taking sides!!

Phew, we are living in a democratic country, but is the democracy doing any good? I don’t know, at this point, I really don’t know. I just know, that I am scared and worried as a woman and as a parent.


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