Random Musings of the week.

There is one thing that my parents taught me, never wish ill for anyone, not even your enemy. I always wondered as a child, why would anyone want to wish ill for someone else? Why would someone want to be someone else’s enemy? What about all those sayings like, ‘you shall reap as you sow, ‘what goes around comes around’?

As I grew older, I realised it’s very easy to become unhappy, upset, irritated with things and people.It is indeed difficult to find happiness and contentment in our own lives!!

As a parent, sister, wife, daughter-in law and in various other roles, I have always wished well for my family and my friends.I ensured I celebrated their success.I am a strong believer in the force that guides us all.I believe that everything happens for a reason.Its the perception about a situation or a person, that  helps you sail through your journey.The better the perception, the better the voyage is!!

What if,someone made you feel, all that you ever perceived was wrong?

What if, someone questioned your ideologies and your knowledge?

What if, the only choice you had left to make was, to give up?

What if, you were condemned from being a warrior?

Unfortunately, all of the above, “what ifs”, exist in our society and as a human we seldom succumb to them! We are expected to outlive every situation, with or without anyone’s help!

We were always told, people are watching, put on your best behaviour!! These people have never really cared  enough for anyone, they rarely will. 

Except children, who need to be cared for and moulded, no one really is responsible for anyone.Each person is responsible for themselves. One of Newton’s law says, “each action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Well it quite works like that in life too!!

Be your change, be your own choice,

Be your freedom, be your own voice

Don’t loose yourself for something or someone,

Someone, who isn’t afraid to leave you for anyone. 

People usually say “the world is stage, we are mere actors”,

Your happiness and inner peace should always be the most important factors.

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