Tips to make your summer cooler.

Planning for a wedding is a humongous  task that is mixed with a bag full of emotions. The bag full of emotions brings with it a bag full of calories. The long tireless hours of shopping leaves you with little time to eat healthy. It leads to binge eating everything that pleases the eye.

With the heat wave reaching new heights each day it’s important to look after yourself. It is vital that you are well fed and well hydrated. The society we belong too lays a lot of importance on good food but I’m not sure if it’s considered the same when it comes to intake of liquids. Nah, I’m not talking about alcohol here.πŸ˜‰

We are all fans of a good drink so I’m going to list down a few ideas for making a refreshing drink. The ideas that come from an experimental stay at home parent are surely worth trying.

So here you go – 

Coriander, Mint and Honey Infused Water.

You’ll need a few sprigs of coriander and mint. Clean and wash them thoroughly. Roughly chop it.If you use your hands then the pleasant smell of mint is guaranteed to linger on! Put the mint and coriander in a half filled bottle of water.Add two spoons of honey.You Can add more as per taste.Give it a good shake, sprinkle some cumin powder and a pinch of salt.Let the water rest for 2 hours, add some more water before consuming it. Your refreshing drink is ready!! 

If you can’t eat salads, put them in the water and drink them. I’ll tell you how?

Cucumber and Orange Infused Water.

Peel and wash the cucumber and chop it into large chunks.  Wash and cut the oranges into large chunks and de-seed them.Put it all in a big bowl of drinking water and let it all rest for a while.Your tangy refreshing water is ready.Make sure to taste the cucumber and oranges for bitterness before you let them dive into the water.

The forever famous and desi Shikanji.

Well there are many ways to  make it but the one that’s  the yummiest is for sure the indori one!!

You will need washed and sliced lemons, soaked basil seeds known as sabja,few cleaned, washed and chopped sprigs of mint, cumin powder,rock salt, black pepper powder and some sugar as per taste. You can use jaggery or honey too.Mix it all in water.Give it a good stir and let it rest for 20-30mins. A small glass of it in a day will keep you refreshed, energised and will help soothe an upset tummy too.

These drinks can be made in advance and stored for future. The infused water stays good for three days when refrigerated.You  can use variations of juicy fruits to prepare infused water. Just make sure you use whatever suits your body. 

THE NuTty DrInK.

You can also blend dry fruits and nuts with milk. Store it in easy to carry tumblers for kids and adults.This will give a good start to your day and their day too.

You can use yogurt too as a base for a basic buttermilk.It can be prepared in a jiffy.😊

 Ahh, I forgot my glass of watermelon, cucumber and orange infused water has gotten warm. So while I go add a cube of ice to it and gulp it down, you go get your glass ready too.

After all, the baby’s vacation has just begun and with sister ‘s wedding on the  cards, it’s going to be a loooonnggg Summer!! 

PS: Don’t forget to refrigerate these drinks or the heat will spoil your hard work 😐😢

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