My lack of time = Opportunity for you.

As I waited impatiently near the popcorn on wheels cart, for the guy to pack my packets of popcorn, hubby dear told me stories of how when he was a child he would make his own popcorn by pouring oil and corn kernels and the popcorn in the vessel would pop the same way as it did in the popcorn machine!

Some memories, esp. childhood memories are embedded in your mind forever and most of these are always pleasant. Talking of memories, I realized how our parents did a zillion things for us in the same twenty four hours that we have today.

How everything was homemade, be it baby food, sweets, one off home stitched clothes, lavish lunches and dinners, stuffed toys, art and craft projects for school, handmade cards and the list is really long to pen it here!!

They say we should always move with time and yes we have. We now have almost everything replaced with the readymade, on the go stuff. Technology dominates our lives like no other.

You have fancy food items, especially curated in tiny packets for you to just put it together. You have variety of baby food items in fancy packaging available at your display. You have fashionable gadgets, clothes and everything else available at a click of a button,that makes your shopping experience easy and less time consuming.You have almost everything available to be ordered online, be it basic raw materials to complete finished products.

Often I sit and wonder at how indoor spaces have turned into play areas for kids because we have lack of open spaces and also because I as a parent see the allergies occurring through dust but sometimes overlook the hygiene issues in a closed space.

Everything said and done, the point to note is that one man’s lack of time has become a business opportunity for the other.

The biggest example is of the ecommerce market blooming and how friendly neighbors who were forever willing to baby sit for your child, have now turned into day cares and crèches.

Capitalizing at the onset of an opportunity is definitely the need of hour. You have to be forever efficient, excel  at multitasking and play multiple job roles too. The other day I looked up for some DIY videos on how to make super hero masks for my toddler and the joy on his face after it was completed is something that cannot be put into words. The sheer excitement of baking cookies and cakes with an overjoyed child is priceless!

Yes, we are in a race against time however it wouldn’t harm you to do certain things the old fashioned way. After all, the old fashioned things are a memory for us, a memory that we want to cherish forever, let’s make memories too, for our generations to cherish and ponder over!!

If someone has to benefit from your lack of time, seldom let that someone be you!!



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