A flock of crows….

While some parts of the world are still hesitant on whether to watch the “oh so controversial”, Padmaavat or not. While some parts are busy enough to slit throats, rape newborns, steal from the family and how can I ever forget giving acclaim to the, “ever so famous”, bombing of vehicles and places, where hundreds of innocent people lose their lives for no fault of their own ever!!

Yes, often said, heard and mumbled, “oh my god, what has the world come to”. Indeed it leaves me wondering, what has the world come to!! Murder, Corruption, Rape, Molestation, Public Riots, Vandalism, Robbery etc. These are bigger crimes that need bigger, firmer and stringent laws to exterminate them completely. Something that’s a wish to wishful to be true.

So, while I sat there in my little spare time wondering about everything that I just mentioned above, I heard the regular flock of crows’ caw at my kitchen window as they hadn’t got their daily supply of food. I filled their plates with whatever leftover food I had and they didn’t complain at all.

I expected all of them to just pounce at the plate, peck at each other to get a morsel of food, just the way we push past people at queues, signals and all hell breaks loose at a free or discounted shopping centre. To my astonishment, these birds awaited their turn, the second one waited for the first to take his fill, only when the first one flew away, the second one took his turn. In addition to this, they even cooed and cawed loudly which, to me seemed like an announcement to fellow crows to come and relist whatever was provided to them.

The same is the case with a lot of street dogs, they await their turn to be fed. I know the human kind is God’s most marvellous creation because of their ability to see, think, speak and take actions accordingly.

I however do wonder in absolute silent times, are we really the extraordinary ones?? I have always believed we are responsible for our own actions, our own karma! We only have the ability to influence people’s lives and let’s make that as a, “ to do -good task of the day”.

We all need positivity in our lives, lets start by spreading some because what goes around, always comes around.




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