Traffic Jam Moment 2

Traffic Jam Moment 2


Nah I’m not a person who enjoys traffic jam, no, not even when I’m travelling in an A.C car!!


But these traffic jams always have something to say to me!


You sure would have seen bikes, cars, trucks, buses zooming past you while you are on your way to get somewhere, some of them are so fast and rash that you seldom loose control of your own vehicle. Well these people are like the distractions you would always have in your life while you are out there trying to make a living, turning your dreams into reality. They will try to get past you, push you, some will hurl abuses at you, follow my mantra, ignore them and to some, definitely hurl back the choicest of abuses.


You will also have people calling you while you are driving, you may answer their calls and let them know that you are driving/riding and you will get back to them, these calls are like your to-do list things that you can get back to, they don’t need your immediate attention.


Then there will be calls/duties you will have to stop your vehicle for, park it in a corner and attend to these duties and calls, because these people will call you only when its of utmost importance. These calls will rarely come to you when you are riding/ driving as they know you are on your way to get something done!!


These people will mostly be your family and friends, the ones who will always be there with you on your journey forward.


Seldom you will have accidents too, through some you will recover instantly and some wounds, will take longer to heal!


You will have to make sure you have your eyes on the rear view and side mirrors, because not everyone who has your back will be your protector.


Problems, challenges, obstacles will come from all directions, some will come through the wrong way too!


You, just have to keep moving, get your fuel recharged every now and then, eyes set on the goal and you will be able to steer clear through the traffic jam!!


Until you have reached your goal, safe travel, stay blessed and happy.





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