Caring for boys is not any different than caring for girls.

‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. They say so because they are different both physically and emotionally. The same goes for our little humans too. Caring for boys is a tad bit different than it is when it comes to our little divas.When my son was born, for the initial few months, I was definitely scared. Right from being worried about cleaning his body, to fretting over how wild, loud, and flamboyant he would be as an adult. There may not be a stark difference when it comes to caring for boys but both genders do have different needs and opinions.

woman in white shirt carrying baby in red and black plaid shirt

Right from the adoration to keychains, superheroes, cars, jumping around the house, and taking risks, I somehow felt, boys were the tougher gender to raise. But seven years later, not only has this little human turned out insanely fun to be with, his sense of humor is better than mine. He not only has his arms around my neck multiple times a day, but he is also my fashion advisor. For decades we have tried to resolve great mysteries that surround the behavior of boys vs girls. Studies do confirm that besides anatomical differences, there are differences in the brain chemistry of both genders too.

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How to make sure caring for boys doesn’t seem like a cumbersome task. 

First and foremost, you need to come to terms with the fact that on average, boys opt for the rough-and-tumble play. The reason for this is the abundance of testosterone in their body. Often parents of boys worry that they will either hurt themselves or trash the house down. As a boy mom, all you can do is breathe and keep educating them about how they can keep themselves safe.

Often, I have heard mothers say that their boys don’t talk and I choose to disagree. My boy talks so much that I have to ask him to stop. Communication can be challenging with boys generally and to make it smooth, you have to make it an interesting activity. Indulge in activities, listen to them without any gadgets around, make some interrupted time for them daily.

Let’s not stereotype gender behavior.

Don’t give in to the stereotypes ever! 

Your son could be the quiet one or really hyperactive. Don’t let the societal stereotypes push you to fret over your child’s behavior. The key to successful parenting is to understand that no matter what your child’s gender is, you need to figure out what makes them tick. You also need to understand how to make their personality work with your own.

Caring for boys emotionally and physically

Boys need as much knowledge about hygiene, health, physical and emotional well-being as girls. So, start training them when they are young. Whether it’s dental visits or teaching them about cleaning their penis well, you need to train them accordingly. Encourage them to cry, laugh, talk. Basically, appreciate them when they express their emotions.

boy in black t-shirt hugging girl in red and white polka dot dress

It’s ok if your boy wants to color or dance. 

Yes, no rule says that outdoor is the monopoly of boys. So, if you little man wants to sit home and cook, paint or sing, let him. Let your child pursue what interests them. I helped my little man stitch a dress for his barbie doll and it was the best thing we did in the longest time. Yes, we sing and write songs, yes, we love to watch cooking videos and we also go teary-eyed during movies.

boy using watercolor

It’s simple, regardless of their gender, raising kids is hard work. Children’s unique characteristics stem from their temperament and how they are raised. As parents, we need to be aware of our child’s abilities and focus on nurturing them. Hence, whether it’s caring for boys or girls, we must look for the joy in the tough stuff and make merry.

This post is part of the #Blogchattera2z blogging series where I will be writing all about my life as boy mom 🙂

5 thoughts on “Caring for boys is not any different than caring for girls.

  1. That’s great 🙂 I am sure we’ve all been there and you will be able to do so soon 🙂

  2. Thanks, Unishta for being in agreement on this one. It is indeed tough to break the gender stereotype. There will always be some differences between the two because both girls and boys were built differently I guess. Yes while boys are higher on energy, girls are calmer and definitely love to chat.

  3. I am like you and don’t believe in stereotyping. But having brought up two girls and now bringing up two grandsons, I can see a stark difference in bringing them up. So while you may want to tone gender differences, you cannot ignore them. For instance the boys are naturally very simple, more curious and more adventurous. The girls are more obedient, chatter more and try to charm everyone.

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