Some tips to rekindle your sleeping romance!

We all love our courtship period, its all rosy and you do get cosy often. We all have different and unique life stories and stories of love. Some of our marriages are arranged, where we would have had a lot to explore about our partner. Some of our stories are weaved with love and passion. In some of our stories we have tried, tested and even tasted everything before we were even married*wink*

Marriage is a lot of things, the most important one being responsibility. Responsibility towards each others’ physical and mental well being. As mums and esp. as women we tend to put everyone else before us. We get so engrossed in taking care of our children’s well being that the spark of love and romance almost vanishes.

Pati and Patni both get tied down, weighed down with the daily hustle bustle leaving no room or very little space for love. What if I told you that it is possible to keep the spark alive? It is possible to steal a few moments of love and care for each other everyday.

You just need to pick on a few things listed below and butterflies in the stomach are bound to return…

– A good morning hug and goodnight hug is a must. A few seconds in each others’ arms are sure to help fade the worries away.

– Try and steal at least one kiss a day.  It doesn’t really matter if you have people around or not. How you steal the kiss is going to add some fun to your life.

– When you want your work load to be shared, make the kids involve their daddies. Daddies can say no to mommies but the emotional blackmail from babies is sure to win.

– Try and do one fun thing as a family. This will help you relax from the fatigue of everyday running around. The fun thing could also be a household chore.

– Remember the ankhon hi ankhon mein baatien? Well, try it. Try and steal a glance from him. You’ll be surprised at how much you both will enjoy it.

– Wear something nice for a day. Even if it means being all decked up and doing the household chores, do it. Dump the pajamas and t shirts for a day. Feel like a soap opera bahu!!

– Wear something nice..Ahem Ahem,Well something nice and naughty to bed. Your spouse may take it as an invitation to well you know what, but just wear it to sleep. Love your body!! No matter what shape and size it it!!

– Spend at least 10 mins in a day with each other alone!! Whether it is having a cup of tea together or a small walk out of the house, make sure those ten mins are only for the two of you.

– Whether living in a nuclear family or joint family, someone will be more than willing to watch over your baby for a few hours..try and squeeze in a monthly date. If monthly seems difficult, do it every two months,but do it.

– Try and take a hobby class together or cook a meal together. This could just be a great way to complement each other and fill in on each other’s likes and dislikes.

– Send each other messages through the day. Well, don’t let the messages turn into long paragraphs or grocery lists. A small, ” i love you” or “hope you are having a good day”, kind of message will work too.

– Appreciate each other’s efforts. You both must have had days where no matter how tired or groggy you would have been, you have still carried out your spouse duties. It’s always nice to appreciate the little efforts in life.

We women usually expect the hubbies to take initiative. We feel sad when are efforts are not reciprocated. Try and be the one to take initiative, it makes a difference. If hubby dear doesn’t respond, then sad for him. All that you will do, will at least make you feel happy and relaxed eventually.

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