Things to do to make yourself happy on a not so bright day.

Time is always behaving in a very peculiar manner. Always taking big strides and galloping away. The more you try and hold onto it, the more it slips away like sand and water. The hustle with time and life is apparently a constant thing now. We all have to earn a living and feed ourselves. Well, it indeed sounds like a dialogue out of a movie but c’mon that sure is the reality.

In this world engulfed with multiple realities and alter versions of responsibilities how does one find time beyond trying to “Netflix and chill”. I am sure that there are multiple ways to appreciate self worth. There are ways to optimize your own happiness and peace. One of the ways that works for me is to take out my doodle book and doodle. Doodle about the people yapping away on my way of commute or doodle about my favorite food. Even better, doodle about my every day musings with my 6 year old which eventually turns into yelps of help.

Over the course of time, I have realized that it is easier to laugh at your own self, your life, like these stand-up comedians do rather than taking the trouble to pay and travel to watch them do so about their life!!

So I recently doodled about how you can let make a little downhill in your mood, go uphill.

Eat your favorite food -What better way to satiate those hormones with your favorite food. One bite of that happiness and by the time it is en route your stomach, you will already be letting go of whatever caused you to feel different than your chirpy-happy-self.

Put on some make-up – Remember the time when that obnoxious boss of yours yelled at you or took credit for your hard work and you couldn’t say anything? You probably went out and sulked about it with your friends. The next time someone makes you feel gloomy, add in some extra make-up and look pretty so that the person wonders, how could they do this to someone so pretty. For the men, borrow that lipstick from a friend and secretively slip a “lipstick written note” through their cabin door, that reads “revenge, coming soon”

Listen to music – Yes, let the jazz blues take your blues away. Listen to some happy and peppy numbers that boost up your mood and make you smile.

Watch something funny – There is nothing funnier than life playing deja-vu with you however a few laughs over something funny would indeed do you well.

Take a walk – Yes, go take a walk and even run if you can. All that pent up energy that is downsizing your quota of good vibes will slowly reduce once you take a walk alone with yourself or jog it out.

Write about your feelings – I have always done this. When I know talking about my feelings may cause the situation to get out of hand, I always write it down. My worry is that these honest interpretations of feelings is usually stubbed away somewhere and by now they are good enough to turn into a book called, ” my feelings for someone”

Drink you favorite beverage – I would say drink some coffee and eat some cookies but if a shot of alcohol makes you feel better, do that.

Get Crafty – Often trying to divert your mind onto something crafty turn out to be good. So make or draw something you have been wanting to for a long time. The other day while I was fuming at how I had so many empty shoe boxes lying in the house, I actually ended up using some of them as storage boxes. I just did them up in some crafty paper and ribbons.

Make a mood tracker– I have recently participate in a campaign initiated by a super talented mommy blogger named Prisha. The campaign is an initiative to help you get a grip on your true feelings and know yourself better. So you too can make a mood tracker for the entire month and color code each day depending on how you feel. This activity will help you ponder over how your day was and whether everything was within your control or not.

Talk to a friend – Call that friend you have been meaning to call for the longest and catch up on the gossip in each other’s life.

This image that I tried replicating while doodle actually sums up what one should do when you feel slightly off target.

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