5 Places to visit with kids instead of visiting a mall.

Holidays are synonymous with relaxation and fun. Holidays mean some good company along with food, dance and music. Well now fast forward to the parenting time and holidays totally mean mayhem. Holidays in between school days get parents panicking over what to do in order to keep their kids engaged.I know a lot of parents that will raise their hands in unison to this troublesome saga.

We all look for gadget free times for our kids and want them to spend time outdoors while the parents can get some of their chores done, on a day off from school. This however is not always possible because on holidays, kids always wake up earlier than they should and are sometimes even more crankier and hungrier than normal days. We definitely look forward to holidays because as adults we plan certain activities for holidays and then accommodating them along with kids can be challenge sometimes.

As a parent, I have seen my plans get jumbled up and thrown out of the window on certain days because the little mister decided to behave differently than expected. Through a series of trials and errors and putting together a few permutations and combinations, I have put together a list of placed where you can take your kids to. These places let you unwind and bond with your children at the same time.

Indoor Play Areas – There are probably an array of play areas in your city and most of them have a line up of activities for kids. We are always aware of the upcoming holidays and most of these indoor play spaces and activity centers have a line up of activities planned for holidays. You can easily take your kids there and let them have fun. All these spaces have attendants that take care of your kids and you get the much needed time to unwind. For various listing in Mumbai and activities to do through the week, you can visit Playydate and KidsStoppress

Garden – Remember how we loved chasing the butterflies and lying down on the grass when we visited the garden? The kids these days don’t have many outdoor spaces to go to, hence a visit to a garden can be great experience. The trees, sand play and flowers can rekindle the childhood in you as well. Carrying a small picnic basket,a ball and Frisbee along will ensure you had a fun filled exciting day outdoors.

Beaches – We love sand castles and splashing in the water. A trip to the beach can be both fun and learning experience for the kids. Right from talking about water bodies to how sand doesn’t dissolve in water to getting completely drenched in water, beach is the most fun place to be at. Most beaches rent out mats and sell sand castle sets along with some yummy snacks. A few hours on the beach is a good enough exercise and enjoyment for the full family.

Zoo – A place where children’s imagination comes alive. They get to see their favorite animals and also learn about their habitat at the zoo. They also learn about how to care for animals and it can be a super fun day outdoor for them. Just ensure to carry enough water and food and follow the instructions of your zoo guide. Carry insect repellents and apply sunscreen before you step out.It’s a great place to teach your kids about animals and its a experience worth experiencing.

Museums – For older kids, this can be like a box of treasure. There is so much to learn at a museum. From ancient history to knowledge about places, things and people, museums can be powerhouses of knowledge for kids. A museum should be a must visit on your list for your child to understand about the heritage and the culture of the city/country.

You can also plan a visit to an old age home or an orphanage and get your child to donate things. This will teach them to value what they have. It imbibes a feeling of gratitude. For older kids a visit to the bank or a science exhibition can be equally beneficial.If you are ready to invest in sometime planning your day out, there is a lot you can do with kids besides just visiting a shopping mall.

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