True Love Exists!! Believe it or not!

Have you ever seen a child build a sand castle or a Lego tower, that’s the excitement of building something new, something priceless? The disappointment in their eyes when someone breaks their sand castle or Lego tower is, analogous to the heart -breaking distress that one goes through when a relationship breaks.

When people say that they put their heart and soul in a relationship, it’s actually true! Besides being physically involved with someone, you care, share, dream, love and hate together. That saying “jo tera hain, woh mera hain” Actually holds true, because your partners’ dreams, happiness, pain, their goals, their emotions, feelings, everything gets entwined with yours.

And after you’ve literally become two souls, one body, BURST!!  Goes the bubble. Burst ,go all your dreams, your happiness, your love and what’s left after the big relationship balloon burst is only sadness,despair,hatred etc. Everything seems like a delusion, an aberration you feel you never made!!

There comes ego and grudges, fights and questions, tears and depression. You must have heard of the Newton’s law, everything has an equal and opposite reaction, right, well…this is the opposite reaction after you’ve equally or maybe even more loved someone, more than yourself. You know what the beauty of being in love with someone is, even though you both would have known loss like the sharp edges of a knife, even though you both have scars of the past, you both have decided to give yourselves another chance to believe in the miracle and healing of love.

The world comes crashing down. No super hero is able to save it, no magic can undo the hurt, no miracle could turn back time, when two souls decide to become two souls again, when they look for existence beyond each other, when all they have left to give each other is, “Ignorance”.

But being someone who has always been a die-hard fan of filmy love, for who, god has somehow made way through everything, for someone who has felt like god’s favorite child, when she has conquered all odds, I still believe in the power of what pure love can do!!

Pure love can make you fall in love again and make you rise and rule over all shortcomings you believe you’ve had.

Untainted love is as pure as the air in heaven, and I’m sure it exists where we are!!


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