A little preparedness will help you cross the bridge, when you come to it!

I have often heard this saying, ‘we’ll cross that bridge, when we come to it”. I have probably even used it and acted accordingly on days when my urge to procrastinate is the strongest.  This idiom describes the bridge as the problem and crossing the bridge means, solving the problem. There are a lot of us who act and react to different situations in our life. Additionally, a lot of us believe that is the best way to deal with problems. There definitely have been instances when I too felt that worrying over something that hasn’t occurred would be a simple waste of my time.

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Yet, time and again life presents you with problems and situations that seem difficult to decipher. Then how do you cross the bridge? Do you regret not having thought about what will happen when you really come to it? There is a huge possibility that your situations can change entirely when actually come to face them! I do not propagate calling out a war on your perceived situations but being well-prepared for some life challenges be helpful. It does assist you to cross the bridge when you come to it!

Can you imagine that a phrase that is being used for over two centuries and yet we have people who chose not to act appropriately.  Over the years I have striven to achieve good mental health while I fell and hurt myself when trying to cross a few bridges. We get a lot of unsolicited advice on how we should live our lives but a little thought about these matters can go a long way.

Often, the problems in our life and their severity can really slow down the wheel of our progress. Additionally, these times of the global pandemic have surely taught us not to wait to cross the bridge instead be prepared on how you will cross it, when you come to it. Here are some ways that can help you prepare well.

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Health Planning

Admit me, we work round the clock. Even when you are slouching on that sofa being a couch potato, you are still exerting your mind and body. You are either straining your eyes or lying down in a wrong posture. The worst could be that you are letting too many thoughts cross your mind which could lead to anxiety. Hence, it’s imperative for us to plan a healthy lifestyle and plan our medical care too. Ensure you form good eating habits and get a thorough medical check-up regularly.

Financial Planning and Crisis

Financial planning doesn’t happen in day. It needs thorough and consistent planning. Often financial crisis is like quicksand, you rarely get enough time to recover from it. The best way to handle it is to accept it and make plans accordingly. However, you can always be prepared with some saving and financial plans to ensure the impact is low and you can through it.

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Manage problems in relationship.

Well, I personally feel relationships are like a weighing scale, it all need to be balanced equally by everyone involved in that relationship. The key to this balance is communication and self-love. You talk and discuss about everything that matters and doesn’t matter. You keep yourself happy because you can never really pour from an empty cup. Relationships itself are the bridges that one must foster with love and care.Honestly when it comes to family and your loved ones, never wait to cross the bridge when you come to it!

Despite knowing what to do and how to apply these suggestions and hacks, one still finds it difficult to practice it. What do you do when you are confused and full of grief?  What do you do about the career problems?

Confusion can be dealt with through communication and sorting out issues that cause it. If you experience grief, understand the reason causing it. These things are not something that you can plan for but you can definitely plan to have an optimistic approach to it. You can talk to people and seek help. Write about it and continue believing in yourself.

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You may be tempted to cross the bridge only when you come to it but sometimes being prepared always helps. The way you prepare for an interview or an exam. You also prepare to progress in your career by gaining additional knowledge and experience. Hence, if you really want to cross the bridge and go over to the other side, you need some preparedness for it!

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