Wonder why kids pass urine more frequently than normal sometimes?

I think as a parent,I am accustomed to panic at the slight change in habits of my child. It comes naturally to us to understand the whys of every changing habit. Hence, it was normal for me to try and decode, why my little was passing urine more frequently than before! I first felt that this frequent passing of urine was a means of getting away from his studies. However, this practice continued for a few days and that is when, I began to worry. As adults we often associate the habit of using the washroom with being nervous.

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The frequency of passing urine during the daytime differs in children as compared to adults due to them having a small bladder. It is also frequent in kids who are between 4 to 5 year old. I read somewhere that constipation can also lead to increase in passing of urine, but I wasn’t very sure about it. My little one is 6 and half years old, hence I asked him a few questions about his changing habit even though there were no symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

Here are the things I questioned him about to ensure that he doesn’t have a urinary infection.

  •  If it hurts or burns while passing urine.
  • Was he controlling his bladder for long or holding onto his urge of going to the loo.
  • I checked with him, if he was worried, scared or upset over something. Sometimes emotional tension can cause your little one to use the washroom more often than before.
  • We checked with him if he had a stomach pain and also checked for any bloating in the belly.
  • I asked his father to check for the color of the urine and check for any strong odor.
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We, knew for sure that due to the change in weather, he was drinking more water than usual. However, to be fully satisfied, I checked with his pediatrician. He told me that this was normal during the formative years however we can do a simple test of urine. I was definitely apprehensive to step out during this pandemic hence I checked for a few other dos and don’ts to ensure my child was at ease

Assurances help

Being the curious and inquisitive child my little one is, he obviously wanted to know why he was using the washroom so often. I assured him time and again that he was physically fit and it was natural for him to pass urine frequently on some days.

Avoid reacting to them passing urine frequently

Kids are very observant and entail a reaction. I controlled my urge to react to him whenever he was using the restroom more frequently. Also, I told him that it was ok for him to not tell us every time he was going to the washroom. As parents, we also avoided any conversations around it.

Checked for any fears or worries

As a family we believe in communicating about everything. We ensured that we checked with him if there was anything that was bothering him. We also monitored his screen time to check if he watched anything that would cause fear or restlessness. Luckily, it was nothing to worry about.

Avoided Bubble Baths for a few days

Bubble baths can cause irritation to the urinary tract. We avoided bubble baths for a few days. Studies say that baby shampoo which is frequently used in the bubble bath can use irritation or discomfort in kids, esp. when they pass urine.


I ensured I included healthy fluids in his diet. Curd is known to have good bacteria that helps to treat small irritants. I ensured I added it to fruit smoothies. We also increased the intake of coconut water too.

Kids usually are in a hurry to finish using the washroom because they are often distracted. You need to start worrying when this condition doesn’t get better even after following the above practices. If your child complains of slightest pain or burning during passing urine, it best to take medical help.I personally think, in cases like these, it helps to discuss your doubts and fears with a medical practitioner to maintain your own sanity.

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