6 Bedtime drinks that help you fall asleep easily.

Every time I think that the world is soon going to start healing, some new wound pops up. For most of us bedtime is meant for relaxing and unwinding with a drink. Conversely, these days, we have an unwanted visitor at bedtime. I don’t think I have ever battled with anxiety this long. It’s funny how anxiety has found solace in me. My mind is the new home for anxiety and it often decides to get up take a little stroll. I knew I soon had to have a face off with anxiety. I decided to tell Ms. Anxiety and that she was an intruder and she soon would have to leave this little mansion of mine. However, life seldom has other plans.

I have gladly accepted MS. Anxiety as a part of the family now and often we have a drink together. I am sure you are confused by now and wondering how can I come to terms with anxiety. Honestly, given the stressful times we are living in, anxiety will continue to linger. There are however, some bedtime drinks that can help you calm down. These bedtime drinks not only help induce sleep but some of them are great for your metabolism too.

There are some great beverages or concoctions that you can have at bedtime. I am listing down some of these bedtime drinks which are easy to prepare and consume.

The Age-Old Turmeric-Milk

clear drinking glass full of orange liquid

Β There is nothing more soothing than a warm cup of this age-old bedtime drink. This tried and tested remedy not just induces sleep but it also works as an anti-oxidant. It boosts your metabolism, helps fight mild flu symptoms as well. You can add ginger, pepper or jaggery for flavor too. When serving my little one this drink, I add a spoonful of dry fruits powder to enhance the nutrition and taste.

Cinnamon Tea

white ceramic mug ner dried leaves and orange string light

The Cinnamon Tea is often considered a weight loss drink. However, besides boosting your metabolism and aiding weight loss, it has sleep inducing properties too. You simply need to take 1 spoon of cinnamon powder or one big cinnamon stick. You need to take 2 cups of water and add cinnamon to it, let it simmer until the water reduces to half cup. Sip it while warm. Add some honey for taste if you like. It works wonders to reduce the menstrual cramps too.

Aloe- Vera Juice

clear glass mug beside Aloe vera plants on window

I am someone who hasn’t been able to strike a connection with Aloe- Vera. However, I do have friends and family who have experienced the magic of Aloe- Vera. Drinking this miraculous drink at bedtime not only helps you shed weight naturally but also helps you sleep well. You simply need to scoop the gel and blend it with 2 cups of water. It boosts immunity and is loaded with vitamins and minerals too. Putting an aloe vera plant in the bed room itself is very beneficial as well.

Chamomile Tea

person holding clear glass mug with yellow liquid

Calming, sleep inducing, relaxing and much more. The benefits of this miraculous drinks are way too many. Chamomile naturally contains a sedative element known as flavonoid apigenin. I often have a pack of this in the house. This helps calm my mind and also helps me relax. I suffer from bloating too and it helps to reduce bloating too. Studies show it helps in controlling glucose levels as well.

Grape Juice

red grapes on clear glass wine

I had never heard about grape juice as a sleep inducing or relaxing bedtime drink. The benefits of grapes and ingredients from the grape family are many for sure. Experts often say that a small cup of grape juice not only helps you cut fat but helps you sleep well too. It is known to have melatonin which is beneficial to regulate sleep cycle. It is yummy and worth a try indeed.

Honey water

clear glass bottle

This is one of the pick me up drinks for me. It serves as a great bedtime drink too. My dad always gave me a glass of honey water to help me sleep better before important exams. It helps you relax and induces a good night sleep too. It also helps you burn fat and boosts your immune system as well.

There are many healthy drinks, that help you drift to the la-la land easily. The ones listed above are the ones, I have tried and they do work too. Usually a hot shower and one of these relaxing drinks helps me sleep well for longer than MS. Anxiety would want me to. Incase you too suffer from night-time anxiety, you should read this

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