Websites and Apps that help your kid learn and have fun.

We are all focusing towards more sustainable living and being away from our gadgets as much as possible. In fact there is a company that has come up with sticker that can be stuck on you phone and it helps reduce the radiation from the phone. It is called Waveex. The times of the lock down and especially the #21dayslockdown has pushed a lot of us to mend our rules to a certain extent. We are playing more of indoor games, inventing activities for our kids and the screen time has shot up in most of our houses.

As parents we often strive to do the best we can for our kids and their health. There are sometimes situations that slip beyond our control and we are pushed to loosen the strings of our control. The times of self – quarantine are such times when we have to balance time and our daily chores.

It is amazing to see how everyone on social media is all out to spread positivism and optimism. People are talking about various things one could do with kids and families.There are audible books available for kids. The subscription charges for various online platforms have been slashed too. The internet, I have believed is a utility that can be utilised to the best of our abilities.

The dire urge to come up with multiple activities to keep my kids entertained, I browsed through a few websites and I would want to list that down for you here. I had also received a few off these websites on Whats app and decided to do a little research about them as well.

BrainPopBrainPop is a an educational website that has animated content related science, math, arts, music and much more for kids. A great way to keep the kids engaged with a vast spread of educational topics.

Creative Bug – We all need activities that help keep our kids engaged. Screen time that actually makes you learn things is an added bonus. Creative Bug offers online videos related to art and craft, making it easy for its viewers to learn things.

Tynker – Learning to code is the next big and fun thing for kids. Tynker is programming platform for kids that helps you learn to code.Kids can make apps and learn to control toys. A great platform to turn their brainwaves into something constructive.

Scishow Kids – We have all been bombarded with endless whys and whats from our kids. Some questions we turn to google for answers but there is a great platform that will help you answer you children’s whys.The Scishow will answer your questions about the marvelous and weird world we live in.It even has a you tube channel that kids can browse.

Homeschooling Websites – There are a lot of websites that often curriculum for homeschooling. A great opportunity to learn from home through scholastic’s learn from home options.There is free curriculum available available for home schooling at this website as well.

Amazon and Google too offer educational and learning apps on their platform through amazon free time and google play store.

Soulpancake – A platform that offers great content not just on kids but also about things that matter. A great way to inculcate deep thinking and creative skills in kids and young adults.

Kids Learning Tube – Music connects with all ages and kinds differently. Music connects with everyone. This platform was built in 2015 to teach kids of all ages with the help of music and animation.Kids Learning Tube is a you tube channel that has musical and educational content for kids.

There are many more website like Khan Academy, Udemy, Outschool, Discovery Education that make learning fun and help you make the best use of screen time.

A lot of you tube channels offer kids learning through music, animation and activities. It indeed will take some time of yours to short list these platforms for your kids. This quarantine period is the best time to indulge in learning and activities with your kids. If you found this list helpful, do drop in a comment.

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