Things I intend to make with the four packets of bread I bought out of sheer desperation.

We are not working from home, we are working through panic. Every single passing second even though as parents, we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves, the panic begins to seep in sometimes. We are trying to be calm. divert our minds, pursuing hobbies, yet clinging onto our faith. Faith that we would soon overcome this pandemic that is like the uninvited relative, not ready to leave our homes.

We have all been asked to stay in a lock down with basic commodities being made available. Availability of commodities for limited period of time, means more chaos and more people out on the streets to buy them. I decided to wow the family with different food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I managed to play this part for more than two weeks and then the memory of having simple bread and butter for breakfast caved in.

I decided to look for a packet of bread on a rather sunny, hot and relatively empty morning. I was thrilled to find not one, not two but more packets of bread. In my sheer act of desperation and panic and the thought of not wanting to step out again, I bought four of them.

One packet is used by the family for breakfast but three still lay in the refrigerator. How I plan to use them without making other resources scarce, is something I am contemplating over. Here are four things that come to my mind.

The ever loved sandwiches – Yes, either a simple cheese sandwich or a vegetable stuffed sandwich, you could make any. You can even toast the sandwich and enjoy it with some ketchup. Egg sandwiches are equally yum and nutritious. Spread some butter and sprinkle a little sugar on it and you would soon be transported to childhood nostalgia!!

Bread Rolls – A simple snack, that involves rolling of bread slices with a rolling pin and filling them with a spiced potato mash. You can either deep fry it or shallow fry them. You can add some mashed veggies as well to the bread rolls. I am thinking of taking out all the toys from little one’s toy rack and have a pretend tea party. May be I will be less effected by the paranoia of social distancing.

Bread Pudding – A desert surely cures depression and mood swings. We all need a little sugar rush to ensure we are performing multiple roles through the day. Sprinkle some nuts on the bread pudding and add some chocolate shavings and you have an Instagram worthy picture. I do hope though, you have stocked up on lots of chocolate for the lock down period.

French Toast – This simple recipe that needs just bread, milk, sugar and milk can be experimented with too. You can add some cinnamon for flavor. Substitute sugar with jaggery or honey. Cut them into bite size piece and add some jam and top it with cut fruits.Making a masterchef worthy presentation will win you some accolades for sure.

You can add a slice of bread to thicken your chutneys. You can simply roughly break up bread pieces and toss them with onions and vegetables to make tasty savory snack. Bread can be your best friend that will ensure you are happy and may be put on some calories too.

If you are allergic to gluten or are strictly on an extremely healthy diet, then we would encourage gluten free and healthy bread recipes.

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