Share food but never these!

For a huge amount of my toddler’s life, I have laid stress on the act of sharing. We were always taught in school that sharing is caring. Indeed, the act of sharing is very noble one however there are few things that should never be shared. As friends and family, we tend to share a lot of our things together. There is no restriction whatsoever on sharing your thoughts and feelings with whoever you are comfortable with. I personally propagate the ideology of, “speaking your mind”.

Here is a list of few things of personal hygiene, that should never be shared with anyone,


Even after the regular ritual of brushing, rinsing and gargling our mouth tends to be the dirtiest organ of our body. We seldom tend to eat anything and everything that’s easily accessible. No wonder, some people have the dirtiest words, opinions and advises coming out of their mouth. Our mouth has billions of germs in it which luckily are part of normal flora. There are some people who share toothbrushes. In doing so, you are exposing yourself to someone else’s germs. Sharing of toothbrushes can result in diseases like candida or tooth infections. 


The undergarments are loaded with bacteria, which vary from body to body, depending on various factors including food habits, exercise, and living conditions. There are some people who tend to borrow fancy looking undergarments from friends or family. The areas that get covered by undergarments are exposed to sweat always. Use of someone else’s undergarments even if they are washed can spell danger and introduce you to new germs. There are some mothers who tend to pass on their bras to their daughters. It should be strict no-no.

Soap bars:

I have given up using soap bars because I freaked out on the idea of using a same soap bar that is being used my multiple other people. We tend to rinse the soap bar before use however the germs still exist. Liquid soaps can still be shared as they do not come in contact of the skin directly.

Hair trimming equipment: 

Be it razors, blades, shaving sets, or hair trimmers, tweezers, or nose hair clippers, they are never to be shared. These come in direct contact with skin where most of the germs tend to reside hence no amount of cleaning can help get rid of the bacteria in the razors and the fine hair which stays back. The razor could also have traces of blood depending on what part it is used for. The sharing of hair trimming equipment should be a forbidden task.


I love loofahs and so does everyone else in my family. Luckily we all have our favorite colors of loofah.No matter how much you squeeze and dry the loofah, a certain amount of water still stay. Anything that is wet tends to become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Sharing of clothes and make up, esp lipsticks can be unhygienic too as they come in contact with the skin.

Like they say, ” to each,his own”. This saying works best in this context where each of us should stick to using only our set of things.

Stay alert and cautious to stay healthy 🙂

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