How to handle feelings in children against the opposite sex?

My son just announced he would move out of the house when he grows up. I almost caught my breath and asked my heart to stop bouncing, all in a matter of a few seconds. Was I supposed to react or just stay calm.I chose the latter and asked him why he would want to do so. He further added to it that he chooses to do so because he will get married. The choice definitely made sense, after all he doesn’t have to stay with us when he marries.

The conversation soon became pretty interesting and I asked him who he would marry.He happened to name a friend and seemed pretty sure of his decision. I did not want to leverage the conversation further and told him he should rather concentrate on his football and his dreams and aspirations. He then even added, he could do the same with his wife as well. Now should I be proud of him or should I be proud. Proud that he understands, spouses are supposed to complement each other or proud that he is full of perseverance. Well, the conversation soon ended.

As parents we seldom hesitate to discuss matters of importance with kids.As parents it becomes extremely important to handle sensitive topics with kids. We need to be able to balance the scale of being parents and friends all at once.

Kids minds are constantly absorbing things that are happening around them.They build their thoughts and ideas around what they see and what little knowledge they gather. Hence, it becomes important that parents share a close bond with kids and keep the communication channel open always.

We must never instantly shun the thoughts and ideas of our kids. We should never shout at their questions either. When someone gets shunned away it hampers their self confidence and makes them go into a shell. It is very important to have open conversations that involve examples, experiences and consequences. Gradually, leave the choices open for your kids. Let them see the light about how a certain action may impact their own lives.

As parents it is our responsibility that we distinguish facts from fiction.They definitely do drive us to a wall but in their growing up years, their parents are their confidant and their idols. It becomes important to establish a camaraderie with them. And one must remember we too were kids at once.

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