My wish list for the future.

As kids we are often asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up”? We think of many options and eventually choose one. Some of us still stay lost for a very long time until we find our shore. We all definitely want a safe and secured future. We want stability too.

I started off with my stint at an MNC fourteen years ago and had joined it, in order to earn some pocket money. Over the years, I grew into a managerial role. I always felt my calling belonged to a different profession altogether and hence I decided to step down the corporate ladder.

However, like they say, god has different plans for each of us. I came to know that I’ll be a mommy soon. They say it takes a village to raise a kid and since I was the chief of that village, I eventually did step down from the corporate ladder. I took a maternity break from work which became longer than I wanted it to be!! Soon came my calling from my passion that had got hidden somewhere. It casually came knocking over a year ago and since then we have been the best buddies. I am referring to my passion for writing.

Soon from covering events for a sports entrepreneurship, I moved to writing blogs. These blogs varied in topics. Some were related to my parenting journey, some to fashion, some to advices and some to food. I now have written over hundred blogs on various platforms including the ones on my personal blog.

I’m now in the process of deciding my child’s future but I seldom wonder how would I want my future to be? My calling still beckons me, to something bigger and something better!

Here’s a list of few things I want my future to include:

  1. Independence – We are an independent nation and there is a lot going on in the nation to make it better than what it is. It’s the independence in making choices that I am referring too. I want to be able to make positive choices that will help me, my family and my friends without having to worry about the modifications that I would have to make.
  • Success – We usually align success to how much money a person makes. Indeed, it is a factor of measuring a person’s success however isn’t success supposed to be measured in kind too? How has something you have done, bought about a change in someone’s life? How much have you contributed to your own development?
  • Education – I am educated. I have a bachelor’s degree and a few certifications in my kitty. The education I am referring to is the impartial one. The education that doesn’t restrict you to classrooms, labs and fields. The education that let’s you explore and learn. Education through experiences, people and books. Education goes a long way in building your future. Education is what helps you make the right and unbiased choices in life.
  • Outreach & Optimism -If you read my blogs, you will know that my inspiration comes from occurrences with me and around me. One of my favourite blogs is about traffic jams. How people in a traffic jam are similar to ones in your life. How the movement of traffic is related to various events that happen in our life. Through my blogs I wish to reach out to as many people as I can to help them understand the importance of the one and only life they have and how optimism will help them fight the daily tiny battles
  • Financial Independence – As a child I would often tell my mom, “wouldn’t it be great if we found a bag full of money somewhere”? Since the world is moving towards digitization. I want a certain percentage of my money to be digitalised so that the benefits can be used for my child’s upbringing and education. I definitely want a financially secured future, however a future that is not limited by boundaries.
  • Love and Happiness – As a mom, this happens to be the most important one. The reason this is last on my list is, because, despite all that happens in my life and my child’s life I want them to know that no matter what the future holds for us, my love will always remain constant for them. Often, their happiness will come before mine. The sooner the world realises it needs happiness more than sadness and love more than hatred, the sooner it will be a world, that has a bright future!!

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