Her Time Is Now – short snippet

The remnants of the past just lingered in her mind.
Every now and then they would take a swirl like the whirpool.
No on could quite tell that she was injured even after being armored
The winds of change had slowly pushed away the little clouds of happiness,
She thought she will lock eyes with sunshine but darkness wasn’t ready to sway.
She saw a shadow slipping away like the sand that gets washed across the shore!
She didn’t want to be an armored warrior anymore, so she put down her shield.
She rather be a phoenix that rises from the ashes.
She knew her time to be sullen was beyond the end game,
She knew her time to be one against the change was now.
Her time to spread her slightly battered and weighed down wings and fly was now.
She knew the vestige of her fallen spirit had to be nurtured by the spirit of her risen self!!

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