My Thoughts On The Ayodhya Verdict! 🌺

God is everywhere, taught the teacher to see kindergarten children.God lives in our hearts she taught them the next day and they happily believed.She often taught them about the path of righteousness and about helping one another!

The teacher taught them about space and science.On days when certain miracles of science seemed impossible she would carefully imbibe the goodness and power of the ultimate force.She often told them all religions teach about, love, peace,humanity and justice.

Then one day the Ayodhya verdict came and he as an adult felt sad about what his teacher taught him.He understood her intent about teaching them about equality but he was left aghast that even in the millennial and gen z era, we still divided people not on the basis of their education, qualification and talent, but on the basis of their religion, color, gender and sect!!

He once overheard a mother, teaching her son about respecting women, talking about accepting emotions and helping with the household chores.Soon, he passed another woman who told her son that he shouldn’t be crying like a girl and told his sister that she should be helping in the household chores because she was a girl.

He read articles about money and power superseding talent and equal opportunities and hung his head in despair.On certain days he saw light and felt pride knowing about Chandrayaan 2 and the amendments to section 377.Then he wondered and felt remorse over the current national situation, he wondered if that vote would ever really bring the change he wanted!!

In a nation that’s developing with speed, it’s heartwarming to witness the multitude of changes in various fields.As someone who has been a millennial and now is a parent to a gen alpha kid, I often wonder about the kind of world we are leaving behind for our kids, I worry about the scarcity of natural resources and technology engulfing the innocence in them.

The Ayodhya verdict was handed out by judges of different backgrounds.Did none of them ever think about the land being given away for the good of the people? Did none of them ever think about a place of basic civic amenity to be constructed instead of a #Dharmasthala? Did Ram tell you to divide people or did Allah ask you to not follow the path of righteousness.

You gave the land to one religion and you decided to give another piece of land to the other religion.Couldn’t the land be divided between the two communities and a new example of harmony be set for the world to see.

The world was waiting to witness the righteousness and compassion that they have heard through stories of Ram and Allah but you let them down, you let India down.You let caste and creed take over Karma and Shahada!!

You are making this generation believe that, “divide and rule” works over, “live and let live”!!

The future depends on what we do in the present however, the law makers need to understand that united integrated modern India has to rise above division,corruption, religion and gender!!

– The student who was taught all religions are one!!

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