My thoughts on different sports leagues in India.

She is going to pursue badminton as a career,said the parents to their relatives.
Some were definitely left flabbergasted at their choice, which involved both, a female and sports.
Little do people remember that the empowerment of women began in historic times, where they accomplished almost anything.In recent times empowerment of women and youth has definitely grown leaps and bounds.

The media, sponsors, players and the sports academies that have sprawled across the country have helped various sports beyond cricket, prosper and flourish!

Sports have diversified largely and so has the support from the government.People have begun to understand basic concept of every sport and have been appreciating the talent, hardwork and opportunities available in each sport.As a nation we acknowledge that there has to be work and improvement at the grassroot level and working towards it.

A common man appreciates the journey of players in their respective sport.Parents are more willing to let the youth of today explore their options in various fields related to sports.Institutions are clubbing science and management with sports to help children advance academically.

Developed and developing states are putting forward stories and efforts of their sportsmen/sportswomen forwards to ensure they get adequate support and are utilising available opportunities.

The khelo india initiative, various leagues in majority of sports have helped India carve a niche for itself in the sports sector.

Thanks to the leagues in India and the mileage it gets now, as a nation we are beginning to see a growth in sports.This growth can be constant and will surely see an increase if we get rid of gender biases and tap and train talent at every level with equal amount of zest and fervour.

The recognition and awards need to improve at all level and each and everyone needs to be educated about sports.Given the addition to infrastructure, education and sponsorship, India soon will show an upward graph when it comes to the success journey in sports.

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