Another Star Series!!

A small poem I wrote that depicts how societal views can get the best out a person.

I strongly believe that if we cannot appreciate a person, the least we can do is not criticize them! 

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Star light, Star bright, there is a star that shines bright.

She followed the light of the shining star,

She didn’t know if I could walk that far!

Trodden with responsibilities and firmed with faith

Seldom for her gender she was haith.

A warrior she didn’t want to be,

She followed the rainbow and it was the world she wanted to see.

With sparkle in her eyes and courage in her soul

The IQ of a scientist and the power of a bole

She marched ahead leaving the ill-talkers behind

She crossed many mindsets that resembled the wynd.

She followed the star that shone bright.

In light it sometimes faded but in darkness shone just alright.

With a fierce mind and heart of a little girl

With joy and happiness, she did a little twirl.

The girl who followed the star light

Was now closer to the stars that shone bright.

Is It easier to fight depression, yes, it is!

Is it easier to fight the views of people about a rape survivor, not sure about that?

She was warrior for sure but she succumbed to the endless comparisons of her life to a normal one!

After all being a highly educated corporate leader didn’t matter,

What mattered was her reflection in the eyes of the so called society!!

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