Journey to Health starts from you.

I’m among the few who live to eat. I love good food, whether its preparation of it or eating it. Luckily the art of cooking was inherited by me and thankfully my son enjoys his limited choice of food too.

My husband on the contrary eats to live, he does enjoy good food however we have had few arguments over food. There have been times as a newly wed when we were dining out and I wanted to order something, the portions for which were too big for me to finish. He would seldom say, ” oh I am not so hungry, I will eat little or eat something light.” I would then wonder, what’s the point in dining out when you are not hungry. Well so much for the newly wed awkwardness!! Thankfully over the years I continue to relish my food without really worrying about others.

Unfortunately for us women, weight gain is a constant companion. Whether its change in our sleep schedule or eating schedule. Whether its pregnancy hormones or nursing period. Weight gain is always are companion. Along with weight gain comes the concern ofΒ  so called people of the society. They will never comment on your happiness or sadness but will definitely comment on your weight gain. Be it college, office, weddings, parties, these people are everywhere. Some of them will even give you tips on weight loss even though they themselves would have never tried them.

So with years of fluctuation in weight and having developed vertigo, spondylolysis and cysts ( though all were not related to weight) , I decided to take charge of my health in general. Being a mom to 4 and a half super active toddler is not easy but I decided to follow few simple steps.

Get minimum of 7 hrs sleep – I decided to multitask during the day so that I was able to finish my night chores earlier and get into bed at around the same time as baby. It wasn’t easy but it worked out eventually. It also helped me reduce my dark circles

Eat every two hours – I love eating and whenever I saw something delicious, I couldn’t stop myself from at least tasting it. This was the most difficult thing to do however I stuck to my watch. If I ate something two hours ago, I made sure to eat only after two hours. I reduced the portions too.

Drink Plenty of Water –Β I usually drink a lot of water but now I consciously drank more water than before. I made sure to drink one big glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning. It helps you in the long run and reduces the bloated feeling.

I am still on a journey to be constant with my exercises and walks.These small steps help me feel energized and focus on my health considering we moms are always trying to do the best for our family. Its time we did something for ourselves.

PS: I added my picture just to show that I’m not fit yet but I’m happy and positive mostly. Optimism is my biggest strength πŸ™‚

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