A little piece of sh**, oops advice!!

As new mothers, we are always fretting over the color of our child’s poop. For a new born, the colour of his/her poop defines their health.

On one such day, after I was done fretting over the colour of my baby’s poop, my attention immediately drew to how some people’s attitude resembled sh**. Infact just like poop, people too come in different shapes and sizes. We have often heard people say and seldom have said it to, “that xyz person is full of sh**”! 

Poop is usually the outcome of what goes in the body. Similarly the words that come out of peoples mouth, their thoughts and ideas, all of it depends on what they feed their minds with!!

I don’t really want to get into elaborate details about how sh** because people nowadays get offended with almost everything.

Medically it isn’t very healthy to not let out p**p. In the same way if you let unwanted people rule your life or too let too many emotions build up insider you, it will do you only harm!! I have advised a few people to let go of the sh***ty people and thoughts  as it does no good because its full of crap and it stinks for sure!!

We definitely don’t  appreciate dirt or unhygienic things in our house or around us. That is exactly the same treatment we gotta give to people, issues, situations that are unclean, that are harmful for us…flush them away!!

Hubby dearest sometimes jokes about the call of nature. Recently I have come to realise how flushing out the unwanted makes you feel so much lighter and better!!



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