Wedding planning in India is like celebrating a festival. The people, the rituals, the arrangements involved are many and it pays to plan well in advance.

I grew up watching and attending weddings. Personally, I love the weddings for the grand decor and scrumptious meals!! I love the dressing up and photo-shoots. There is nothing better than a wedding to get the entire family to come together as one!!

So, besides finding a life- partner to get married too, here are few tried and tested things that would make your humongous task, less worrisome!!

The Venue.

Depending on which month you are getting married in, search and look for a venue. You need to keep in mind the season too, so look for a venue carefully. You wouldn’t want an open lawn all drenched up in a season too close to the rains. So opt for a place that has an indoor and outdoor setting both. This will help you distribute your guests too. If you book a place well in advance you get discounts too. Make sure the location is easily reachable to majority of your guests. Also its best to get a venue that gives you an entire deal of food,decor and the location.

The Photographer.

Wedding photography is not just posing and clicking pictures.Β  You need a photographer that captures your candid moments too! You would also want someone to shoot the entire wedding sequence. People like me, like to keep the traditional albums too. So look for someone who gives you a good deal on the combination of everything. Ask for at least two photographers to be provided. This will result in all your priceless moments getting captured.

The Make-Up

This person has to be as good as yourΒ  man-friday. You select a few artists based on people references. This is where peoples’ experience counts. Ask for a few trials to be done. Try and dress up in an attire close to what you will wear for the wedding. This will help the make up artist and you decide your look for the wedding. Ask for a touch up to be done for the groom too. These artists usually give you a good deal for the bridal make up, along with make up for family and friends. #Instagram has some really cool pages to follow for bridal make up looks.

The Pre-Wedding Functions.

We are often so busy planning for the big day that we forget about the preparations for the mini-rituals. Be sure to check on sound, decor, food, guest list for other ceremonies too

The Guest List and The Cards.

The number of people you are deciding to invite is directly proportionate to the place you will book for the wedding. This is the time when you got to sit down with your closest squad and decide who is inviting whom. The caterers usually charge per person, hence its important to finalize the number of people you want to invite for your big day.

The Finances!!

The numero uno!! Wedding preps and the amount of expenditure it brings with it, leaves you baffled sometimes. In the case of modern day weddings, the groom and bride decide to split the finances ( something I believe is a very intelligent thing). There are families that are not comfortable with that and hence they should finalize a budget for everything. In doing so, it helps you to keep a check on your finances.

Once you are sorted with the above, the rest of the preparations come easy. The online shopping tool is a boon. There are lots of options available online with comprehensive details on the fabric, jewelry, etc. #Instagram, #Facebook are your, to go to websites for fashion, bridal deals, you will have access to dealer address and phone numbers which helps you coordinate easily. If you are a traditional shopper that likes to see and touch things before buying, make sure to plan your days accordingly. The print media carries information on discounts and exhibitions, look out for them.

You also have various websites that help you with the wedding planning at a certain fee. If you want to try themΒ  you can do that as well. The most important part is to, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT.Β  You definitely want to stay fresh, healthy and energetic for the big day.

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