Life Lessons from the game.

I have never liked sports. I have always been the dancer, writer, drama and literature kind of a person. I love to weave stories and tell them to the world. Have you ever found a better way to share your life lessons besides writing them down? First hand experience at everything is always the best learning, isn’t it?

Then came the day when I was lured into watching sports. What lured me? Well, my love for Mr.Husband and love for the little man who adores sports more than anything!!Β 

To be honest, I never really watched the full games, I never really had a team of my own to support. I did celebrate the victory of their favorite teams and cheered when their team scored points, but you know, that’s all after all.

Then came along an opportunity to play pickle ball, a sport that’s gaining momentum faster than anyone thought it would. Being a double’s partner in the game, I realised how in life too we have responsibilities that need to be shared equally. In life too, we are supposed to raise each other up than putting them down at the onset of any opportunity.

Well the detailed experience has been mentioned in my previous blog post #bettertogether. Read on to understand how somethings in life become easier when someone shares your responsibility.

I usually use my morning tea time to browse through stuff on my phone or just glance through the newspaper. Today Mr.Husband decided to watch the commonwealth games where India was competing for trapshooting. They had 75 shots each to qualify for gold,silver and bronze medals. Even though India finished at the bronze medal, they put up a really good show.

Now when you are at a platform such as Common Wealth Games, imagine the pressure to outperform your opponents. The trapshooting gun needs to be balanced with the help of your arm at shoulder and eye level. The weight of the gun, the constant picking and keeping down of the gun, taking quick and accurate shots, everything tends to get to you after a while. The participating athletes however never give up, they wait till the last shot because you never know which shot can change your game. They give in more than their 100% at each shot because they know that each try counts!!

Unfortunately not everyone is blessed to be an athlete or blessed to be watching common wealth games to see the participants perform. Seldom do we understand that, we may never get a second shot at life. Even at the first try we tend to give up because life tends to weigh us down.

Time and tide wait for none, this must have been said after a lot of thought. We all have been in situations where sometimes we have had just one opportunity and in case Mr. luck decides to shine on us, we have had multiple opportunities.

Each opportunity has to be treated equally and as the only opportunity. You will be weighed down by all sorts of circumstances and people every now and then. Let your goal be the only thing you see. Let your mistakes be your lessons and never stop believing in yourself.

Life is nothing less than a game but the best part is that you don’t have to win against anybody except yourself. Your life, your game, your rules. One opportunity or more, you decide!!Β 





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