Unloved in Love – Book Review.

Love is known the be the purest, wonderful, fascinating, and magical thing. It knows no form, shape, color, or person. Love is not just an emotion or feeling but it is something that controls all other emotions. You eat for the love of food, travel for the love of places, shop for the love of buying. Similarly, you feel disheartened for a loss because you loved and dreamt about winning. So, basically, it is love that surmounts everything.

As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, to me, love is friendship! It is the friendship that paves for wonderful things. People often tend to modify their emotions based on their love status for someone but true friendship is above all of these. They say that love is never about two perfect people, instead, it is about two imperfect people. Together they make it all worth it with their love, respect, care, and admiration. I think that is precisely the message Rituparna Ghosh tried to convey in her novel Unloved in Love.

Kiara Sen, an ambitious and budding entrepreneur. She may not have the most loving mother but has an extremely doting father, a great group of friends, and a never-give-up spirit. When love comes knocking on her door in the form of a gorgeous and light-colored London-based boy, she still is taken aback. It take her a while to believe that dreams do come true. Despite all the odds in her life, she begins to believe in her romantic fairy-tale that she has always secretly dreamt about.

But life has a rule, it never comes easy and it is full of surprises. Just like Kiara Sen’s life was full of surprises and is a huge roller coaster ride that she sometimes shares with Kyle and sometimes with Karan. From not being able to see each other eye to eye, to being best friends, Karan and Kiara find solace in each other’s company. Wait, is it a love triangle, well no? However, it indeed is a mushy ride about love and friendship and will leave you teary-eyed and sighing through the book.

The narration of the book is simple and interesting. I love the fact that each character has its own personal space in the book. None of the character’s narrative overlaps each other and there is enough insight that is provided to each character. The first-person account makes it an engaging read and you are definitely left, wanting to know what happens next.
Each character has its own strengths and insecurities, which are relatable and Ritu has been able to handle all the nuances extremely well. A few hours into the book gives it the much-needed impetus to pick up this book and pine for more.
A bag of chips, some popcorn, and a bottle of Corona are all that you need while you go through the highs and lows of this book. Chances are, you will relate to quite a few things that may have happened or are happening with you. Time to believe that true love does exist and will eventually find its way to you! Enjoy Reading.

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