Independence day wishes I plan to practice everyday.

This year the Independence Day is going to be different. I wonder if we really feel independent amidst all the Pandemic. The discussion around what things we need to be free from seems like a discussion on loop. The desire, dreams and aspirations of the people of the country to truly experience Independence is never ending. We all have some feeling, emotion or situation that we want to gain independence from! We all want to literally break free from something or the other.

Honestly, if truth be told, how many of us really ponder over the sacrifices that were made during the freedom struggle. We all want our kids to learn about independence and how we got it, but do we really talk everyday about the little things that define independence!

Patriotism simply means your devotion and vigorous support to the country. One cannot simply be patriotic by hoisting the flag or singing the national anthem just on certain days. It is a continuous process that should last a life time. Being patriotic doesn’t mean blindly getting into a war or an argument about the country. There are certain duties we all have as humans. True independence would be when we practice these habits day in and day out. I’m not sure if patriotism has a new meaning but independence surely does.

We all need to act in a certain manner if we want our kids and the youth to act similarly. We simply cannot lay down certain rules and expect them to follow it. Here is where, “practice what you preach comes into being”

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Here are a few things I would want to practice daily to mark my right of independence

Helping people when in need

The global pandemic is really one of those times, when you can share your benefits of being the fortunate ones. Help people around you in whatever way you can. When your children see you doing it, they will practice it too. Additionally, do teach them how to be safe and careful when being helpful towards others.

Plant more trees

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While, the nature is rightfully claiming what is hers! Yet, we need to protect the nature and contribute to its wellbeing, if we want to leave behind something worthy for our children. Also planting trees helps kids connect with nature and teach them all about nurturing and care.

Follow Rules

There are rules laid down for all citizens in their respective country. If we follow basic rules, we reduce contributing to the already corrupt world. We also teach our kids about how some rules are important and need no bending. Follow safety rules, traffic rules and other rules that can help fellow humans.

Practice Humanity

Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more ...

Being good humans tops it all. Let us all practice humanity without expecting any rewards in return. We need to teach our kids to be content, hardworking and perseverant. Let us help them focus on their emotional and mental health. Our kids need to know that being good humans is way above than being rich or successful. Teach them to follow their dreams and never to fear judgement.

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Like charity, change to begins at home. I simply feel when we practice these simple habits, day in and day out, we would not need massive reforms. We all have the light and the power to change within us. Let us use our independence in its truest form to unleash it!

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