What’s causing you those constant headaches everyday?

Headache can literally break you!  Imagine that thwarting feeling in your head that makes you very queasy. The feeling like someone just got inside your head and is blowing a really loud trumpet along with badly mismatched drum beats! Phew! Describing that feeling is enough to give me another of those headaches that I have been having lately.

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It’s funny that how headaches are different from emotions and feelings. All your feelings gradually build up. They take a little while to completely swamp you off your feet. Some feelings take days and some take longer to completely come to being. A lot like love, it happens gradually. All love relationships are built slowly and steadily. However, my headache is like a surprise visitor, it comes unannounced and I never know how long it will stay for. My recent headache episodes are like someone breaking out bad news to me, it eventually pushes me to cry!

Hence, I knew it was time for me to go bother my doctor. Due to the lock down, the consultations, the prescriptions and the whining is all digital now. The headache did get better with a few medications she prescribed, after she was satisfied being Dolores Umbridge to my situation!

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The pain the headache causes can be painful allegorically too. The pain can range from a splitting headache to the one that encompassed you completely. I just had to analyse a few potions of my lifestyle and diet to understand, why the everyday headache? Unfortunately, in allopathy and homeopathy, there are multiple causes to cause a headache.

Hormonal changes

Certain hormonal changes are known to trigger of headaches too. Headaches seem to be common symptom during menstruation, postpartum or menopause. Pregnancy also brings in some headache episodes along with other things

Topsy -Turvy Schedule

I think I would be confident enough to blame my headache on the disruption in the schedule. Often when our circadian rhythm has gone for a toss, it can lead to headaches too. Luke Coutinho, who is a Holistic Lifestyle coach, put forward an easy way to correct this


We all know the ill-effects of stress on our mind and body. Usually when your body is stiff, overworked or under a lot of stress, it can lead to a pulsating headache. The current lock down situation has without a doubt doubled up my anxiety and stress. Hence, I had to sit down and segregate the controllable from the uncontrollable to help me ease these headache issues.

Dehydration could be causing it.

My sister usually has a splitting headache when she is hungry. I wasn’t aware that being dehydrated could cause you headaches too. I am someone who usually likes drinking water. However, when I back tracked, I realised my head started twitching every time I had long gaps between sipping water. I decided to make different detox water drinks, which reminded me constantly to keep sipping water. Also, my intake of fruits had reduced which I decided to take charge off!         

Being Anemic.

Anemia or being Anemic relates to iron deficiency in the blood. You can read up about the condition here. My doctor did ask me to run a few tests and I am still to do so. However, as per her, this condition could also cause headache. She has asked me to include iron rich food in my diet too.

Caffeine and More

The age-old desi remedy for a headache is a kadak chai. But, are you having too much caffeine to ease that headache? Caffeine is medically known to narrow your blood vessels. Damn, I am so scared after hearing this and hence I am trying to regulate the intake of that chai and coffee. We are well aware, too much or too little of anything is always harmful.

There could be multiple underling reasons for a headache. It is best to speak to your care provider. You never really know what could be going wrong. In my case, it was a little of everything. The headache is still a visitor on certain days along with my really old friend vertigo. However, through exercise, meditation, diet and adequate sleep, I plan to take charge of it. There are also variety of treatment available based on your condition, so it’s best to seek some medical help too.

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