India was appreciated for their contribution during Lock down.

We never imagined a world where everyone would be locked in their houses. It had never occurred to us that our daily grind would be paused for a while. Never, in our wildest dreams did we imagine that the world would be engulfed with something as dangerous as COVID. People stayed locked up with bare necessities, away from their family in certain cases. There were people who were trying their level best to get back to their houses. People around us were trying to sustain and adapt to this new way of living life. If I had to say that this situation is tough, it would indeed be considered an understatement to define the experience.

I would definitely say that amongst this chaos, many of us have been lucky enough to be at home with our loved ones. We have had our family to give us strength and hope to pass through these difficult times. All the essential workers have fiercely battled at the frontlines to keep us safe. Their spirit is the true display of humanity and dedication to serve the country.

Our ray of hope has been our connectivity to the world of the internet. We have all resorted to our phones for entertainment, news and other ways to stay sane and happy. We have found multiple ways to stay fit and happy, thanks to all the content and great videos available online.

These times have been emotionally and mentally challenging, yet we have all been able to pursue our hobbies and things of interest, thanks to the multitude of information available online.

It’s amazing and heartwarming to see how people across multiple social media platforms have participated in a variety of challenges for fun and entertainment. Along with fun and entertainment, people have taken help from these videos to learn some skills, too.

One such social media platform that brings people from all walks of life closer,  is TikTok. It is a platform where, while staying home, people have found a way to showcase their talent. They have not only participated in multiple challenges for fun but also found a way to keep people updated about the Covid situation.

The users of Tiktok have contributed to the quarantine content by educating people to spread the right news and stay away from rumors. Additionally, Tiktok videos, one of the most popular platforms to share videos, is applauding the talent of every Indian too.

Through their #shabashindia campaign, Tiktok is patting and applauding everyone who has contributed in some way to the fight of Covid-19 and to everyone who stayed inside and made the lockdown a success.

The situation is not yet under control, people are trying their best to adjust to the new normal way of life. The warriors are still fighting and giving it their best to help overcome this pandemic. Everyone who is home can display the true spirit of unity by staying indoors!

We can definitely resort to the use of social media platforms like Tiktok that helped us to create and promote lockdown content in such times and all sorts of creative, education and entertainment content always.

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