Time to make the most of these quarantine times!!

If there was something that could define testing times, it would definitely be what we are facing right now. We sure have heard of worst times than these but never would have ever imagined in our wildest dreams that we would experience it at some point in our lives.We are locked down in our houses with limited resources but does it mean that our creativity has to go through a lock down too!!

We have often found ourselves wondering how people don so many capes with such ease. I have often wished myself to have abilities that could help me apparate so that I could finish all my chores well within the day. These times of self-quarantine has surprisingly provided us with that opportunity to accomplish those underlined goals we have set for ourselves.

I personally was a little exasperated over my schedule going off track in the first few days but then I realized that I couldn’t have had more time on my hands that I did now. Yes, the people that were away from the house for a few hours were now spending all their time in the house. Yes, there are meals to be made, dishes to be done, cleaning to be done and additional people to be entertained apart from your ownself.

Your opportunity that seemed like an opportunity to Netflix and chill may have turned into an opportunity of cooking and feeding but what if I told you there is a way around it. First things first, you have already spent a week and an extra day being off schedule, now is the time to come back to your previous schedule.

Being on schedule means that while others in the house are busy completing their own chores, you get to finish yours and you still have time on your hands to do other things.

The question now arises that what all could you do with the treasure box of time you would land your hands on sometime soon. Well here is a list of things you could do for yourself.

Exercise – There are plenty of exercises that can be done indoors from, yoga to tabata to zumba to stretches. You could do all of these. Time to get hooked onto all those fitness videos that you saved on your social account.

Get crafty – You sure would have already finished one round of cleaning your house and would be contemplating discarding some stuff. There would definitely be some things that could be re-modified. Use old bottles, cardboard boxes, photo frames, clothes and get into a crafty zone.

Share your ideas online – They say an empty mind is a devil’s workshop however our minds are working overtime right now. Hence, it would be ideal to share small videos of all the hacks you may know in terms of cooking or cleaning or working from home. People are spending more time on their social media than they otherwise would and now is a good time to build some audience.

Impromptu Fun Time With Family – These times are definitely trying one but they can also make everyone irritable. It’s best to play impromptu games with family. Indulge in karaoke, painting, playing games, quizzes or puzzle solving. Kids too will love the variety in their day.

Read and Learn – Read all those books that get just cleaned up and put back into the shelf. It is indeed a great time to try and learn basics of a new language.All this can be done online too. You have many apps that let you read books online for free.

Educate yourself – Yes, you heard it write. There are plenty of online platforms offering a wide range of courses. Now is the time to enroll yourself in one of those. One such great website is EDX

Face time – Perfect time to face time with family and friends. We have often been caught up in our regular hustle bustle and unable to stay in touch with family and friends. This time is the best time to catch up on your emails, chat messages and all the sidelined conversations.

Delegate Chores– Yes, best time to teach everyone to be self-sufficient. It harms no one, if they learnt basic home chores. So yes involve everyone by delegating as much work as you can.

Clean and DE-clutter– I am sure we have all watched Mary Kondo’s videos about organizing our homes and tidying up our lives. Now we have ample time on our hands to try those tricks and tips.

There is so much we can do rather than being grumpy about our current situation. Meditation and praying is a great way to keep the positive vibes flowing.These times could be zooming past very fast for some people and could have given some, time to slow down. Whatever these times have given you, remember they are times for family bonding, communication, learning and having fun.Make the most of these times.

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