Quarantine! Are these testing times or resting times?

Are these the testing times for humanity, yes indeed they are? Are these testing times for parents, well that I am unsure off? Parenting itself is a lifelong testing phase, you test each other’s patience all throughout. You may wonder why I lay so much stress on parenting and its different emotions. Often parenting is considered as the most natural phenomenon for anyone. Can we teach someone, how to parent? I doubt we can! As parents, we know best for our own kids and even if we sometimes don’t, we learn and experiment and finally get there.

These times of self-quarantine feel like an oasis in the middle of a desert. I still don’t know if the schools will re-open in April and I am not yet thinking of the more than 3 month old vacation. I am however beginning to enjoy the little break that the universe has conspired us into. The break that mother nature needed to recuperate and the break that we need to up our mental health.

The following is just my guesswork which as always, I am hoping is true!! The outdoor activity has substantially reduced hence reducing air pollution. The littering should be reduced with lesser people now venturing outdoors.  Everyone is pushed to embrace healthy and organic eating. The skies are clearer and bluer. People are using less words of profanity because the traffic is comparatively lesser.

The businesses have certainly experienced a setback however I am glad that the grocery stores are making some money because of the insane amount of stocking up people are trying to do!! Families are learning the tact of patience and hard work once again. It is indeed a great talent to be able to accommodate with people of different mindsets for so many days together. Children are happier because parents are more interested in vesting time with their kids. We are all gradually tilting back to the times where childhood mean unfiltered happiness and family time meant, eating, playing, cooking and staying together.

The world is unfortunately battling with a pandemic however the plight of some nations have given us time and ways to protect ourselves. We are pushed to go back to our roots and enjoy the uncomplicated pleasures of life. People are all out on social media with pictures of their real selves and their real lives. People are appreciating the worth of not juggling the hustle bustle for a while and taking it slow.

Let us all follow directives given by our Hon’ble Prime Minister and other health and government bodies. We are just being asked to socially distance ourselves. We are not being asked to distance ourselves with her mental and physical health. This time is literally yours, make the most of it.

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