5 Netflix shows that are on my list.

I love the idea of, ” Netflix and Chill” however I can never steal enough time to do so. I often end up watching content that has been recommended by my clan. There is however certain content that has been added to my kitty and I would love to binge watch it. I am listing down my “to-watch” shows.I would love suggestions and comments on what else to add here. I am going to list down just the top 5 right now because I am among the lot of people who haven’t even got a clue about GOT ( Game Of Thrones)

F.r.i.e.n.d.s – We all have loved this epic series of friendship, love and laughter. I can never get tired of watching this. I have definitely watched all seasons of this classic legendary fabulous show but every-time I need a mood booster, Friends is what I turn too!! This one is like a wild card entry to my list. It definitely needs a special mention.

Unbelievable – It was a show I started watching and could never come around to finish it. It looked intriguing and I want to know how the series unfold, hence this one makes to my list.

Messiah – Well, only because this one is so talked about and all the verbal controversy that surrounds it, it makes it to the watch list. Being someone who has utmost faith in the almighty, I definitely want to see how this unfolds. Watching this one for sure.

Dracula – The love for everything crazy, mysterious and the stories of blood sucking, this one is recommended by family. Definitely watching this one and hoping to understand where it all began.

Marriage Story – If you haven’t watched a little drama and shed some tears over some wit and romance, then you haven’t really enjoyed watching Netflix. This one is an academy nominee and indeed a nominee on my watch list too.

There isn’t a specific order I am following while planning to watch these. These came up in my suggestion list and I intend to watch them and hopefully give my reviews here.

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