Little ways to woo your woman.

The, “new year, new me” resolution seems a little to cliche to because we one cannot change overnight. You need to make changes to your behavior gradually and the changes you want to make need to come out of self-realization.What if I told you that instead of becoming a new you, you may want to work on the existing you and adapt to a few changes as well.

Maintaining relationships can be a daunting task for some as it not just needs your time and attention, it needs more, it’s just like nurturing a plant for it to grow well. Every relationship has its own set of uphills and dumps and no one can ever be perfect. I personally feel,flaws have their own thrill because you then get to learn where not to go wrong.

Cutting the big speech on relationships short, I am here to tell you about a few things, we women find absolutely adorable about our men. So if you are past the, “oh-its-just-a-fling” stage and really want to woo your woman, you may want to practice these because all we want to know is we matter to you!!\

Holding Hands In Public – We love that you do not care if someone is watching us or not and you still want to stay close to us.It is a sweet way to declare that we-are-dating.

Remembering Friend’s Birthdays – No, we will not think that you are stalking them or are interested in them because we love our girl clan as much as you love you boy clan, so when you remember things about people important to us, you definitely score points.

Sharing your feelings – Well, if you don’t want your woman at your back constantly, you may every once in a while want to share your feelings, because seldom, even we despise the guessing work. Sharing feelings with each other is the best part about relationships as its paves way for some great communication.

Remembering Little Things – The everyday hustle bustle is sure to take a toll on our lives every once in a while, so amidst all the chaos if you can remember small things and asking about them sure makes the girl feel, like she is on top of the world.

Texting her – We love little sweet nothings and you sure will be receiving some sweet nothings from us as well. We like it when you make us feel that we are on your mind often.

Understanding her – Well, we don’t expect you to agree with us always because everyone is free to have their own opinion however if you understand why we make certain choices and respect us for it, we will respect you more.

Talk about the past – I am sure you both will have questions about each other’s past, so without sounding like an agony aunt, talk about each other’s past without getting judgmental.

WE LOVE SURPRISES – Who doesn’t?? We all love surprises and they don’t have to be massive ones but if you want her to melt into a soft gooey chocolate then you should take her off guard every now and then and she will love you for it.

There are no set rules to follow when you have decided to say, ” I wolf you”, to each other however it’s the smallest of gestures and honesty that counts after all.

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