Tips to help you shed weight of your vacation bag.

We all crave for that one holiday per year where we can totally let our hair down and wash away all our worries. Picking a destination for a holiday is difficult but you know what’s even more testing? It’s getting your vacation bag ready. There is always a number of things that you want to dumb in your bag and yet you don’t want to be over packed.

Here are few tips that will help you pack for your next vacation and will also make sure you have lesser bags to handle.

Do a good research on the current weather of the destination you are travelling too

Often, we read about the best times to visit a country based on its weather. We commonly make our reservations and book tickets based on these. What’s advisable is that you check on the current weather conditions of the destination you are visiting which will help you pack better.

Pick Darker Colors We suggest you to pick a darker shade over light colored clothes, because when dark gets dirty it’s not so visible. You definitely don’t want a food or a dirt stain saying hello in your pictures.

Restrict your Denims. We all love our denims but depending on the number of days you are travelling for, restrict the number of your denims. Make sure to carry a color that goes well with all.

Shorts and Skirts Are Always Cute If you haven’t indulged in shopping for shorts or skirts, you should do it now. They take less space in your bag and can be mixed and matched well. For example, you can wear your shorts with long A line tops that have slits for a dinner or pair it with your “Tees” for a fun beach day.

 Clothes that serve double the purpose. There is a lot of stuff available online that serve dual purpose. Skirts, shirts and Tees that serve as dresses, Long shirts and Tees can be tied or tucked in, if being worn with pants/jeans.

Makeup Essentials What we all do without our makeup but is carrying everything for a vacation, even feasible? Carry a stick concealer and loose foundation powder. Did you know you could even contour with baby powder? Check here to know how.

A kohl/liner pencil, a pastel shade and a red shade of lip colour and you’ll be good.

Toiletries We get our set of toiletries at every place we stay. Carry your own set, in case your skin is sensitive to something, else a good moisturiser, a face wash and your night cream is what you need in your hand bag. Here’s a small tip-

“The last time I was vacationing, I asked the hotel if I could have some sliced cucumber and some honey from my breakfast table, the two served as a good cleanser and toner”.

One of the best tip we found online was how to use space efficiently when packing, so here’s the link in case you want to have a look: 

Hope these tips help takes away the weight of your vacation bag and hope you leave all your excess baggage behind and have a fantastic holiday.

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