Wardrobe Styling and How?

I often find myself struggling to decide what to wear when I have to attend a part right after work!!

Carrying the right attire to wear right after a tiring day at work, can be so cumbersome.

There are definitely multiple options available on the internet to choose from but I seldom don’t have the time to look at those options and imitate.

A few days before such an occasion I decided to put Alexa to use and thankfully it solved my problem.

There are few wardrobe essentials I am going to list out that one should invest it. You can stack any one of these at your place of work or put it in your bag or your car.


A blazer can be a great piece of clothing for your work meetings or your after work parties. Accessorizing your attire is another option too.

You can pair your blazer over a pair of denim shorts, over a dress, wear it over a maxi too.

Team it with stilettos or heels, add some jewelry and voila, you will look as dashing as ever.

Men too can play along with different patterns and colors of blazers. You can roll up your blazer sleeves, wear a floral print or a checkered one for a more casual look. Solid colors look great for work.

A great YouTube video I stumbled on that helps women to style their blazers.

Style Blazers

A long maxi dress.

A long dress is always a great option for almost anything. A formal look with a solid color jacket, an informal look with some accessories added. A traditional look with some ethnic looking stole, a casual look if you pair it with sneakers or a simple beach look if you put on your flip-flops.

Have a look

Styling a maxi dress

Many ways to style one maxi dress.

Palazzo Pants

Now, these are my personal favorite. You can team them up with almost anything. Pair them with a tee, a jacket, a blazer, a kurta, a tank top, basically they go with everything.They come in various styles and designs.Pick your favorite one, team it with a tank top and a blazer for work and shed the blazer and add in some neck accessory for an after work party.


You need to have a pair of black heels, because black goes with everything baby. A pair of white sneakers because white is sporty and chic. A long neck piece and few earrings.

Mix and match is the rule and you will be amazed at how a little thinking can change your mundane outfits to really fab ones.

Happy Styling and you can always reach out to me on my Instagram Account for more tips.

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And how can I forget Happy Christmas Shopping too!!

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