Need Help With A Crying Baby?

We all are digital mums and mums of the gen-next. We are mostly able to find answers to all our questions through Google or some online community. We are often trying to hold our calm and practicing being gentle mums. We are propagating gentle parenting and I absolutely concur with it.

However, there are various occasions when we lose our cool and become all ruffled up. One of the major challenges I faced when baby Z was growing up was to be decode reasons as to why he would suddenly cry.

There are various reasons for, why your baby could cry? If you have been able to decipher this mystery then you have won a big battle some of the reasons as to why your baby would cry could be,

  • Hunger – Babies, especially new born, often cry when hungry. Their tummies are smaller than the size of your palm and can’t hold anything for long. Hence, they cry to let the world know their little tummies need re-filling.
  • Gas – The feeding is definitely task number one, however burping your baby comes along with feeding. Inadequate burping may lead to gas formation in your baby’s tummy. Gas and Colic are frequent problems with babies that can become worse if not attended to.
  • Sickness – You baby may be ill and has no other way to communicate with you. They cry when they are ill or are under some discomfort.
  • Fatigue – Everyone loves being around a new born baby. Too much simulation can tire your baby and make him/her cranky. Some people wake a sleeping baby in order to play with it or to keep it awake. Everyone loves a good nap time and so do babies.
  • Too hot or too cold– We often keep our tiny little bundles of joy covered up most of the time. Babies tend to cry when they are either too hot or too cold. Hence, it’s important to take care of their clothing as per the weather and also to manage the temperature of the room they are in.
  • Irritable – We all have our moods and so do our babies. Your baby could just be plain irritated. It’s best to try and soothe your baby through cuddling, singing or swaddling.
  • Aches – Your baby could develop anything from an ear ache to a stomach ache. Check for teething symptoms. Check if your baby’s stomach is bloated for a tummy ache. If your baby tugs at its ear often, get it checked through a doctor.
  • Growth Spurt – Babies tend to have growth spurt every few weeks initially and then after few months. They tend to become a little fussy during these growth spurts and all they need is some TLC ( tender loving care)
  • Uncomfortable Clothes – We always want our babies to look the fanciest despite how the mums look. Some clothes or the fabric may make your baby uncomfortable. Always check how the fabric would feel on your baby’s skin before you decide to splurge on fancy clothes.
  • Love and Attention – Sometimes all that they need is a hug, kiss and lots of cuddles. Babies miss their mommies and daddies. Until they learn to talk and even after that, crying could be a way to demand love and attention.



Here is, all that you can do to make your babies happy, comfortable and calm again.

  • Feed them when hungry. A baby with a tummy full is always happier.
  • Burp them to, help them ease off the gas and also keep a watch for any colic signs. Colic signs may include, clinching fists and grunting like sound when passing gas.
  • All sorts of sickness call for medical attention. It’s best to consult your pediatrician before you hunt for any home remedies. Avoid trial and errors when it comes to even the simplest of sickness for your baby.
  • We all love playful babies but too much play and simulation can tire your baby. A tired baby will always be cranky. If you see rubbing of eyes, crying, it indicates baby needs some rest.
  • Sometimes babies may feel exactly the opposite weather as us hence it’s important that the temperature of their surroundings is set to a comfortable temperature. It’s also important to ensure they are dressed appropriately.
  • Whenever your baby is experiencing an ache it will cry more than normal. Check for teething ache, teethers or other teething accessories, massaging their gums can help reduce the pain. Register the required medicines and massage the baby to help soothe him/her of stomach aches or aches out of growth spurts.
  • Babies love and demand cuddles, hugs, swaddling, rocking and singing. Nothing soothes a crying baby more than a mum’s touch. So try and stay calm when your baby is crying. Instead, stay happy, chirpy and spread the love.
  • A nice bath routine that involves music, massage, books can always help a crying baby and induce sleep too.
  • Ask for help! We are super mommies indeed but let daddy or another family member help you calm down your baby. A crying baby can be overwhelming. Try taking a walk outside. A long drive with soft music tends to help too.

Here is great video by a renowned pediatrician on how to calm a crying baby

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