Why change of routines this lock down is making me happy?

The lock down has been a roller coaster ride for most of us. The initial feeling of this lock down was excitement, happiness, togetherness and a lot more. We went from eating out to eating at home. We all experimented with restaurant like cuisines and desserts along with playing family games. The whole experience has been enriching and soul searching at some point or the other. The lock down is something I believe was needed in all our lives at some point or the other. My only wish is that, the duration of the lock down and the reasons should have been different. The lock down has seen us juggle and struggle with our routines and habits. We have taken more on our plates and something refused to even pick a single plate!

People are sure to agree how the lock down has been chaotic too for most of us. There are some of us who have been really gung-ho about their routines and schedules and have never let their hair down! I have often spoken about my life lessons from the lock down and about various things we can do with our kids while we stay indoors. The lock down has surely impacted the emotional and mental well being of everyone and it definitely hasn’t been easy.

I have often propagated the necessity of routines during lock down for a less overwhelming day. Whether you are working from home, for home or working outdoors, a little organisation in routines can go a long way. The lock down definitely disrupted this schedule for most of us. It has definitely been tough for kids, dads, moms, expecting and new moms and elders.However, there are a few habits and routine, that are for keeps. Some routines and habits, have been moderated and some changed.

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breakfast items

A good breakfast

 Before the lock down, we had a weekly routine for breakfast. It definitely made my meal planning very easy. Then came the lock down and out came the packaged food too. Eventually I switched back to my regular breakfast routines and it helped me, keep a tab on what we are eating. We definitely consume bread and cereal however it is limited to just once a week and that also with addition of fruits and vegetables.

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yoga posture

A regular exercise routine.

Thanks to PCOD and a spondylosis, I have always had a love hate relationship with exercise. The lock down however gave me the flexibility to include an exercise regime of my own will. I wasn’t restricted to the timings of my yoga class. From not exercising to, being able to mix and match various routines for myself, I was enjoying it. I do miss my exercise routine a few times however I make sure to get back on track and balance it out. A habit I incorporated after long and  never intend to change!

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Going back to basics

Our daily routines were set before the lock down. The hubby was mostly working outdoors and I was juggling between working from home, for home and being out too. Thus, is the life of a freelancer!

The lock down gave us enough time to play with each other. From singing and dancing to reading comics, books and telling stories. We built puzzles and played with Lego. Together we sat by the window and wet our hands in the rain. We ensured we all ate together. These little moments will always stay closest to my heart and I am glad the lock down helped be rebuild these habits.

Checking up on family and friends

We have often wanted to call family and friends however that thought gets taken up by a chore. With the lock down and no where to go, I have been able to catch up with family and friends regularly. I am grateful for the entire family being safe and healthy all through out. The lock down has reinforced my belief in family being everything and above everything too! We have weekly video calls, phone calls and random exchange of messages and through the week as well.

Detox from social media

Social media is one reason someone can go nuts. I have realized that my happiness does not depend on how people behave on social media. Hence, regular breaks from social media is what I have managed to practice. Earlier, I felt the need to be connected with the social world.Social media requires you to practice certain etiquette that have been very nicely listed down by Mummasaurus However, now I realize and accept, that it is just another platform to market my service and skills. Hence besides staying in touch with friends, that is what I am using my social media for. Believe me when I say, social media detox is of the best kind.

These changes may not be sudden. However, these changes have formed routines that bring me happiness and calm. Thanks to the lock down, we have formed some wonderful habits that we plan to continue with.

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14 thoughts on “Why change of routines this lock down is making me happy?

  1. Exercising, having a good balanced meal and trying out cuisines have been part of my new routine. I’m been doing digital detox prior lockdown . Good ones you’ve listed. #tmmreads

  2. This is a delightful way to look at the positive side of things. We often tend to focus on the negatives of a change in routine, I enjoyed reading your post.

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