An eye to an eye!!

We all want to have healthy senses. All five of them. With the rise of digitization and the amount of time we spend working on our laptops, phones and computers, we tend to ignore the health of our eyes.

My ophthalmologist gave me some information which I thought evident to share. I know how much I fret over my son’s screen time which become inevitable sometimes. This is what he had to say

There are certain causes of vision loss can be easily detected and treated. Conditions like – strabismus or squint. This requires you to get your child at an early age of 7 to 8 months and then again at the age of 2. We seldom tend to ignore the first stage of vision loss which comes as flashes of light or blurred vision. We sometimes think that our children are making up stories however repetitive incidents should be examined immediately.

We often encourage our children to be in the sunlight for adequate absorption of vitamin D however looking up at sunlight directly can damage the eyesight permanently. When you look at the sun directly, you may have temporary distortion of vision and some headaches as well. But the damage is well beyond that. When you expose your eyes directly to sunlight, it adds to the cumulative effects of the UV radiation on the eyes. You can buy a good-quality sun glass for keeping the harmful UV rays at bay.

We all love gadgets that have a night time vision, the night light on gadgets can definitely harm your eyes due to extended use however having a night time light in your room can help your child focus by improving eye coordination skills when they are awake.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin A should take care of your eye health. Vitamin A boosts the quality of your vision. Foods such as carrot, milk, eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach etc. should be consumed regularly.

We often hear people saying that wearing glasses or lenses will improve your vision. The vision can be improved if these are prescribed glasses or lenses. We all know the importance of a laptop in helping us complete our digital chores, a safe distance needs to be maintained in order to keep your eyes healthy.

Our world is now linked with gadgets and added responsibility and something as trivial as our eyesight tends to get neglected. If you take these tiny precautions, you sure can maintain the health of your eyes.

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